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Project-18280 Yury Ivanov
large reconnaissance ship

The first Project-18280 large reconnaissance ship Yury Ivanov has been signed over to the Russian Navy, spokesman for the St. Petersburg-based Severnaya Verf shipyard told TASS on 14 January 2015. “The vessel has already been signed over to the Navy - the acceptance act was signed at the end of last year,” the shipyard source said. The communication ship (medium reconnaissance ship, 2nd rank) of Project 18280 is the largest Russian vessel of this class.

As of 2015, the Yury Ivanov was the Russian Navy's largest intelligence collection ship. Project 18280 vessels feature high versatility, automation and integration of onboard systems. A ship of the series has a displacement of about 4,000 tons, 312 feet (95 meters) long and 53 feet (16 meters) wide; with draft of 4 meters. Project 18280 has a range of 8,000 nautical miles on 16 knots cruise speed and a crew of 120.

“The vessel is designed to provide communication and control of fleet forces, conduct electronic warfare, radio and electronic intelligence, tagging of surveillance components of the US missile defense system and naval SAM components,” Anatoly Shlemov, the head of the Defense Procurement and Acquisition department of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), told RIA Novosti on 02 July 2015.

The ships are designed to provide communications and fleet management, the SIGINT and electronic warfare. Reconnaissance ships get a large set of different equipment dedicated to the implementation of electronic intelligence. Reconnaissance complex ships are able to keep track of a large number of radio signals over a wide frequency range, and determine the location and type of their sources. Project 18280 vessels have vast pre-designed potential for further modernization of the onboard electronic equipment.

In late 2015 Russia completed the transfer of its biggest intelligence-gathering ship from the Baltic to the Northern Fleet, where it will use its powerful instruments to collect secret information (including for breaking into the U.S. anti-missile system), the Northern Fleet’s press service head, Captain First Rank Vadim Serga, told journalists on 17 November 2015. The Yury Ivanov (Project 18280) had successfully passed all seaworthiness tests and was now permanently stationed beyond the Arctic Circle, at the naval base in Severomorsk.

The ocean-going ship’s technical capabilities allow it to expand the scope of the Northern Fleet, not only in different areas of the world’s oceans, but also in the Arctic, according to the Ministry of Defense. This is evidenced by the permanent registration of the ship on the Kola Peninsula (in the Murmansk Region in Russia’s northwest).

The intelligence collection ship is tasked with observing ballistic and cruise missile launches conducted by foreign states (including submarine launches). The Yury Ivanov is able to detect even hypersonic missiles and transmit this information to the military high command. The ship can also act as a relay for closed communication channels, and as a radio interceptor of sensitive enemy information.

However, its most important function is to penetrate the U.S. missile defense system (its sea-based component, the Aegis Combat System), and provide the possibility for Russian missiles to reach the enemy target and destroy it.

Given US. plans to station a missile defense system near Russia’s borders, it was planned to construct at least four ships of this type – according to the number of Russian fleets. The spy ships will join the Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea fleets. A second Project 18280 ship – the Ivan Khurs – had been already laid down at the Severniye Verfi shipyard in St. Petersburg.

One vessel is being built for each of Russia’s four fleets. The lead ship of Project 1820 - Yury Ivanov (hull #787) - was laid down in late 2004 and launched in autumn 2013. The ship was commissioned with the Northern Fleet. The second vessel of the series - the Ivan Khurs ship - was laid down in November 2013 and was expected to be floated out in 2015. By July 2015 the construction of the intel-gathering ship Ivan Khurs (Project 18280, hull #788) was nearing an end at the Northern Shipyard (Severnaya Verf) in St Petersburg. The ship's seagoing tests were expected take place in autumn 2016.

The second intelligence ship Project 18280 "Ivan Khurs" was launched at the "Severnaya Verf" in St. Petersburg 16 May 2017. General Director of "Severnaya Verf" Igor Ponomarev gave the command to be launched vessel. When a ship in the submersible dock, hit the water, his board broke a bottle of champagne. Factory sea trials, "Ivan Hursa" were scheduled for September. Mooring trials will begin in late May. Until the end of this year, it should be handed over to the Navy. The second ship of the project 18280 "Ivan Khurs" was laid in autumn 2013. It was named in honor of Vice Admiral Ivan Hursa who has made an outstanding contribution to the creation and development of a permanent exploration of the Navy.

State tests on the newest reconnaissance ship-vessel "Ivan Hurs" project 18280 completed 20 June 2018. The corresponding act was endorsed by Captain 1st Rank Vyacheslav Makhorin, who is the chairman of the State Acceptance Commission. As the press service of the St. Petersburg developer enterprise "Northern shipyard" reports, the ship is equipped with the most advanced electronic intelligence systems.

The ship of this project will be the second in a row. The first - "Yuri Ivanov" - had been in service with the Russian Navy since 2014. It was noted that the reconnaissance ships of this project are designed to provide communication and fleet management. The reconnaissance ship was laid in November 2013, and launched in May of the past. Displacement of "Ivan Khursa" - 4 thousand tons, the range of navigation - 8 thousand nautical miles, the crew - 131 people. The reconnaissance ships of this series, in addition to the Northern Fleet, are planned to be included in the Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea fleets.

Two more intelligence ships of project 18280 will be built for the Russian Navy until 2025.

# Name Laid Down Delivered Comm Decomm
1 Admiral Yuri Ivanov27.12.200430.09.201412 Jan 2015
2Ivan Khurs201316 May 20172017
3-14 Nov 2013
The short name of the project: 18280
Development start year 2004
Year of release in action
Country Russia
Developer CDB "Iceberg"
Manufacturer JSC "Severnaya Verf"
Displacement, tons
standard 2500
Dimensions, m
Speed, knots20
Cruising range 8,000 MI
Endurance, days
Power plant-2 diesel engine 11D42 x 2720 HP, 5DRA diesel engines, 2 CPP
Crew, pers-120
Weaponry/Equipment Radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment:
  • navigational radar Mr-231-3
  • integrated mostikovaâ system "Bridge-18280"
  • Armament 2 x 1 14.5 mm MTPU

    Project-18280 Yury Ivanov Project-18280 Yury Ivanov Project-18280 Yury Ivanov Project-18280 Yury Ivanov

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