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16810 Rus'

In the Central part of the Atlantic ocean successfully completed testing of the Autonomous deep-diving vehicles «Rus» in December 2015, according to the head of the Main Directorate deep sea research of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Hero of Russia Vice-Admiral Alexey Burilichev.

The apparatus was launched from aboard the Oceanographic research vessel «Yantar». The crew, consisting of the President of the State Commission hydronaut senior researcher Yury Kurganova and senior gidronavtov test captains of the 1st rank Dmitry Boev and Mikhail Kuzmichev, plunged to a depth of 6180 meters, said in a statement on the website of the military Department.

According to the Vice-Admiral, the project of deep-water apparatus «Rus» developed St. Petersburg naval Bureau of machine building «malachite». Case made of high-strength titanium alloy, specially designed in the Central research Institute of structural materials «Prometey».

Autonomous deep-diving vehicle of the project 16810 («Rus») built at JSC «Admiralty shipyards» commissioned by the Ministry of defense and is designed to conduct underwater engineering, rescue and research works at depths up to 6000 meters with the use of manipulating devices, as well as photos and video, underwater exploration in the oceans, underwater archaeology, said the representative of the military Department.

The speed of the Autonomous deep-diving vehicles «Rus» — 3 node, crew — two or three people and weighs 25 tons.

In recent years, deep-water apparatus «Rus» and «Consul» and a multi-purpose ship Seliger of project 11982 were commissioned by the Navy of the Russian Federation. In particular, manned bathyscaphe «Consul» can dive to depths of six kilometers. Alexey Burilichev reminded that the state test apparatus «Consul» with a diving depth 6270 meters were held on 14th may 2011 in the Central part of the Atlantic ocean.

«Qualitative performance of technological tasks the dark lurking contributed to the coordination of actions, professionalism and courage specialists of the Main administration of deepwater research of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation», — said the Vice-Admiral. Previously, Burilichev said that the «Rus» and «Consul» will help Russia in determining the limits of the continental shelf in the Arctic.

Konsul and Rus – a new class of Russian military deepwater submerge vehicles. They are somewhat smaller than the well-known Mirs, accommodating a crew of two instead of three, but are purely domestically produced vessels and have a higher maximum depth due to their titanium pressure hulls: during the tests the original Konsul dove to the 6,270 m.

“The Yantar is equipped with a unique on-board scientific research complex which enables it to collect data on the ocean environment, both in motion and on hold. There are no similar complexes anywhere,” said the head of the deepwater research department at the Russian Defense Ministry, Alexei Burilichev.

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