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Project 1388NZ Communication boat

The new communications boat was received by the Baltic Fleet, a naval flag was raised aboard the ship, the fleet press service reported 15 December 2018. "In Baltiysk - the main naval base of the fleet in the Kaliningrad region - on the newest communications boat of the project 1388NZ Baklan - KSV-2168, built at the Sokol shipyard in the Nizhny Novgorod region, a solemn ritual of raising the Naval flag took place," says in the message.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Baltic Fleet command, the manufacturer, the military personnel of the Baltic naval base. To the sounds of the hymn of the Russian Federation, the St. Andrew's flag was raised on a boat. This is the lead boat for the communication of the modified project 1388NZ (the developer is JSC Vympel, Nizhny Novgorod in a series of three units ordered by Sokol Shipyard JSC under a state contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense for the supply of three boats with serial numbers 403, 404 and 405, with delivery dates, respectively, in the years 2017-2019. The boat KS-2168 (serial number 403) was launched on October 27, 2017, and on August 26, 2018, after completion of the construction works, it was started by towing from Sokolsky to St. Petersburg. boats are now scheduled for the end 2018. The construction of the next two boats due to serial numbers 404 and 405, according to known data, was in fact not carried out.

The communication boats of the project 1388N3 are being constructed in relation to the class KM (*) Ice2 [1] R2-RSN AUT1 Special purpose ship (special purpose) of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). The purpose of the boats is the delivery of members of the command and inspection staff to the ships on the roadstead or in the areas of the exercise.

According to the press service, the boat is designed to perform special tasks to ensure communication of fleet command with the grouping of ships that solve combat missions at sea, as well as to deliver officers of the command and inspection staff to ships stationed in the raid or located in the exercise areas. The fleet marching headquarters can also be located on the boat, TASS specified in the press service.

The KSV-2168 is able to work autonomously for 10 days, the cruising range is 1 thousand miles. The boat is equipped with modern communication and navigation systems. With a length of almost 50 m and a displacement of about 500 tons, the boat is able to reach speeds of up to 20 knots and to solve a wide range of tasks with waves up to 5 points.

The communication boats of the project 1388H / H3 family are a modification of a series of torpedo boats developed by TsKB Vympel project 1388 (code Cormorant) and boats of radiation and chemical reconnaissance project 1388R, built for the Soviet Navy in the amount of 50 units in 1974-1990 at the Sosnovsky shipbuilding plant.

Construction of communications boats of the project 1388N was started at the Sokolsky shipyard after 2000. In 2006, the project was completed under the project 1388N (developed by JSC Vimpel Design Bureau) and commissioned by the Black Sea Fleet as a representative boat of the commander of the Novorossiysk naval base, the communications boat KSV-67 (factory number 482), originally laid out in Soviet times under project 1388R at Sosnovsky Shipbuilding Plant. Then, at the Sokolsky shipyard, under the contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the construction of two communication boats of the project 1388N3, already of special construction (with extensive use of imported equipment), was started. The lead boat of communications KSV-872 of project 1388NZ (serial number 401) arrived at the Northern Fleet on duty on July 25, 2011. The second boat of this project KSV-2155 (serial number 402) arrived at the service station in Novorossiysk on December 17, 2013.

Three additional boats for communication of the modified project 1388N3 with serial numbers 403-405 noticeably differ from the first two boats of this project by their architectural appearance, which has been tempered by Sokol Shipyard.

In 2015, the Sokolsky shipyard also received a state contract for the construction for the Russian Navy of two torpedo recovery boats of the project 1388N3T based on the project 1388N3 (serial numbers 451 and 452) with delivery periods in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Construction of the head torpedo boat was started by the company in 2016, the second in 2017, however, apparently, the delivery of the lead will be made no earlier than 2019.

From 2006 to 2015, the Sokolsky Shipyard handed over eight target ships of the project 436bis (factory numbers 014 to 021) to the Ministry of Defense of Russia and in 2017 received a government contract for two more such ships (serial numbers 022 and 023).

Name Yard # Yard Laid Down Launched Commissioned Note
KSV-872 401 Sokolsk Shipyard

25 Jul
KSV-2155 402 Sokolsk Shipyard

17 Dec
KSV-2168 403 Sokolsk Shipyard
27 Oct
15 Dec
KSV- 404 Sokolsk Shipyard


KSV- 405 Sokolsk Shipyard


Displacement (tons):
Standard:500 tons
Full load:993
Dimensions (m):
Draft:3,01(max 3,57)
Speed (knots):20
Range:1000 nmi (15 kts)
Autonomy (days):10
Propulsion:2x5440 diesels, 2 variable pitch propellers, 3 diesel-generators x150 kW
Electronics: MR-231 navigation radar, MR-231-2
Passengers: 24
Project 1388NZ Communication boat Project 1388NZ Communication boat Project 1388NZ Communication boat Project 1388NZ Communication boat

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