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Project 12061 Murena Tsaplya-class

Tsaplya-class project 12061 Murena hovercraft are designed to deploy troops on an unprepared coast. The vessel can carry one tank or 130 army personnel. By 2016 the hovercraft had not been ordered by the Russian army since the 1990s.

The Murena amphibious landing air cushion craft (ACV) is one of the most successful ACV designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. Shipbuilding Company "Almaz" is a world leader in the construction of amphibious hovercraft. The boat is equipped for reception or unequipped shore of military equipment and personnel of the advanced detachments of amphibious assault, transport them by sea, landing on unequipped coast and fire support. Boats of this type may also be required to perform tasks for the formulation of active minefields.

Its designated tasks are to carry combat materiel and advance troops by sea to land them on unprepared shores, and to provide fire support for the landing force. The ACV can also be used for transporting and laying naval mines. The craft's electric power generating plant consists of two gas turbo generators GTG-100 K, which can be exchanged with "Volvo-Penta" air cooled diesel-generators if preferred by the customer.

The Russian Defense Ministry will decide on ordering new Zubr-class and Tsaplya-class Murena hovercraft by early 2017 at the latest, United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Vice President Igor Ponomarev said 02 June 2016. "The Russian Defense Minister is considering the matter of ordering Murena and Zubr-class air-cushioned landing craft, with the decision on procurement to be taken after clarification with the state armaments program by the end of the year or by the start of next year," Ponomarev told RIA Novosti at the ongoing KADEX-2016 military hardware exhibition in Kazakhstan.

Full displacement, t 150
Length overall, m 32
Breadth overall, m 15
Full speed, knots. 55
The height of the obstacle, m 1.25
GGTA Power, hp. 2x10000
Cruising range, miles > 200
Endurance, days 1 Crew. 12
The boat provided for transportation of military equipment, as follows:
  • 1 medium tank weighing up to 50 tons;
  • or 2 armored personnel carriers;
  • or 2 infantry fighting vehicles
  • Instead of placing military equipment cargo deck can be fitted with removable benches to accommodate 140 people landing.
  • Artillery - two 30 mm automatic settings such as the AK-630 (ammunition - 3,000 rounds) and fire control system.
  • Zenith - 8 sets of portable SAM type "Igla".
  • Mine armament of the ship consists of a set of portable device for the production of 10 to 24 minutes, depending on their type.
  • navaids
  • radar station;
  • gyro-compass;
  • a magnetic compass;
  • dreyfolag;
  • satellite navigation equipment;
  • Radio "Decca" system;
  • finder;
  • central gyro system;
  • sight day and night vision.
  • POWER PLANT In order to drive blowers air cushion and propellers on the boat is equipped with two high-temperature gas turbine engine at 10,000 hp For the formation of the air cushion unit injectors 2 are installed with axial impeller diameter of 2.2 m. Creating propulsion thrust by two reversible propellers forced step control. 3.5 m diameter screws are installed in the annular nozzles. Power consumers from two gas turbine generators, with a capacity of 100 kW each.
    Hull The body is made of all-welded high-strength corrosion resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy

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