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Project 11770 Serna fast landing craft

The fast landing craft Project 11770 main task is to quickly get to the shore, to land troopers and just as quickly go away to a safe distance, for example, for a new "load" in the form of armored vehicles and soldiers. High-speed air cavity patrol boat "Serna" is designed for transportation and debarkation on an unequipped shore of wheel and caterpillar technical equipment, crew with arms (92 persons) and other cargos of total load up to 45 tons. The boat can be refloated on its own. The boat can transport cargos and equipment with a speed of 30 knots with a sea state up to 2. When the sea state is up to 3, cargo transportation is possible with a speed of 27 knots. Safe navigation is possible with total displacement when sea state is up to 5. The speed in this case will not exceed 8 knots. The boat can transport people and cargos to the sea shore settlements up to 600 miles with full displacement with cargo and sea state up to 3. In this case the cargo weight must not be more than 29 tons. The boat is equipped with two diesel engines ?503?, capacity 4000 hp (2940 kW) each, when the fuel consumption is 165 g/hp h. Endurance of the boat by Provisions and water stock endurance is 24 hours. Service life of the boat is 15 years provided there are two intermediary repairs every 5 years.

By 2013 eight Project 11770 Serna boats were built. Developed in Nizhny Novgorod by SPK Alekseeva, the boats are smaller than the French L-CAT used on Mistral. Their length is just under 26 meters and about six meters wide. The dimensions of the landing deck allows the Sernam carry about 40-42 tons main battle tank, two armored personnel carriers or two armored personnel carriers. Also it is possible to transport personnel only - up to 92 troops with weapons. The Project 11770 boats can accelerate to 30 knots and cover distances up to 600 miles. This high performance is achieved by using the original engine and chassis configuration. Two M503A diesel engines develop power 4000 horsepower and torque on a ventilated water-jet propeller. From the usual pump shoe it is different because the pipe with the screw enters the air trapped under the bottom of the boat. The fact of the matter is that to improve the running characteristics, the project Serna provides speed using the air cavity under the bottom of the boat. As a result of the air layer between the water and the boats reduced resistance and Serna can reach higher speeds.

It can be assumed that the Mistrals will be completed with domestic Russian Navy assault boats. The most likely candidates for this are the Project 11770 Serna and 21820 Dugong. Another good prospect could be the Project 12061 Moray air cushion boats, but they obviously could not fit into the dimensions of the Mistral dock. Due to the smaller dimensions, just four "Chamois" can be placed in the dock of the Mistral [57.5 x 15.4 x 8.2 meters], but in this case they will be located in tight formation. This number has negative consequences. For example, due to lack of feed ramp, the boats have to load landing craft in advance, perhaps even in port. This is to some extent reduces the flexibility of landing ship and landing craft. Still, when appropriate, there are ways to change the load boats just before the landings, it just takes too much time.

Project 11770 Serna  fast landing craft Project 11770 Serna  fast landing craft


Main technical characteristics

Length overall, m
Length on waterline, m
Beam overall, m
Beam on waterline, m
Hull height at stem, m
Hull height amidships, m
Height overall from base plane with a mast, m
Displacement light, t
Displacement total without cargo, t
Displacement total with cargo, t
Full-load draught, m
0,42 (in the bow), 1,48 (aft)
Full-load draught with cargo, m
1,16 (in the bow), 1,52 (aft)

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