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Project 1143 Krechyet
Kiev class

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
11143KievSY 444NOR07/21/197012/27/197201/03/197506/**/1993sold to China
21143.2MinskSY 444PAC12/29/197209/30/197509/28/197806/**/1993sold to China
31143.3NovorossiyskSY 444PAC09/30/197512/24/197809/12/198206/**/1993sold for scrap
41143.4GorshkovSY 44412/**/197804/17/198201/**/1987~ 1996ex-Baku
93/94 non-operational
1995 in service
2004 sold to India
2004-2013 repairs and modernization prior to transfer
5SY 444------------------------------1979 planned

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