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Reumech RG-32 Scout

The RG-32 Scout is a family of mine-resistant 4x4 light armoured vehicles made by BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (formerly Land Systems OMC) in South Africa. The original RG-32 was developed for the police market. The "M" suffix was added for military use vehicles. The "standard" version only carries four passengers whereas the "Full Armor" version can carry eight. It is based on the RG-31, which was already deployed worldwide with peace-keeping, security and combat forces. The combat weight of the vehicle is about 7,300 kg and it has the capacity to carry a crew of 5 to 7. The vehicle crew is protected against 5.56x45mm NATO ball ammunition, grenades, firebombs, anti-personnel mines and side blasts. The five-seat version also offers protection against anti-tank mines and side blasts. Up to three RG-32s can be transported in a C-130 cargo aircraft, while two RG32Ms can be transported in a C-130 aircraft.

The versatile RG32M family of armored utility vehicles is capable of fulfilling most roles that require a balance of protection and mobility. The RG32M fulfils a wide spectrum of command, liaison and scouting roles. In a typical patrol mode, it can transport five crew members with their kit, combat stores and special-purpose equipment. A full armored body variant, which seats up to seven crew,is also available. This includes additional rear protection extended over the rear axle. Access and egress is through side doors and roofmounted hatches. Armored windows provide excellent visibility. High levels of tactical mobility are achieved through powerful 135 kW engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and portal axles.

Crew and vehicle survivability is achieved through applied systems engineering techniques and by utilising OMC’s unrivalled knowledge base gained from vehicle operations in Africa,Asia,Middle-East and Balkans,in addition to rigorous and systematic field-testing in South Africa,the UK,Sweden and the Middle-East.

The RG-32 Scout armored patrol vehicle was developed as a private venture to fill the gap between ineffective partially armored commercial vehicles and a heavy-duty security vehicle. Typical roles include police, security, VIP and bullion transport.

By late 2007, well over 700 Scout vehicles had been built for the home and export markets with first production models being in the 4 × 2 configuration with the 4 × 4 model entering production in 1995. Within South Africa, the RG-32 Scout is only found in service in the private sector. It is not used by the South African National Defence Force or the South Africa Police. The UN High Commission for Refugees procured 27 RG-32 Scouts for use in Georgia and Burundi. A number of companies in South Africa are now offering surplus RG-31 Scout vehicles for sale.

The MXT-MV (Military Extreme Truck - Military Version) was introduced in 2006. Part of International Truck's Military Vehicles line, it is an International MXT extensively modified for military duty, transportable by C-130. The latest development of this vehicle is the RG-32M Galten. The RG-32M has undergone extensive "winterisation" modifications in Sweden; the RG-32M has proved to be equally effective at 49 °C in the desert sands of Africa and the Middle East as well as at -35 °C in Sweden's frozen wilderness.

factory name RG32M Scout 2
released 1996
manufacturer BAE Systems Land Systems OMC, South Africa
produced version more types, according to the equipment and tactical destination
Length (to rear of spare wheel) 5,330 mm
Width (across tyre outside) 2,175 mm
Height (to top of roof) 2,180 mm
Wheelbase 2,900 mm
Ground clearance (under diff) 430 mm
Angle of approach 53º
Angle of departure 33º
Mass GVM 9,500 kg
Tare 7,500 kg, Depending on options fitted
Seating Driver +4 / Driver +4 + 2
Maximum speed (road) > 110 km/h
Gradeability 60% low-range
Turning circle (kerb to kerb) 17 m
Protection Levels
Ballistic protection
  • 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ball
  • 5.56 x 45 mm SS109 NATO ball
  • 7.62 x 51 mm AP with appliqué armour
  • Mine protection DM31 fragment mine
    EngineSteyr M16TCA turbocharged intercooled
    Maximum power (DIN) 135 kW @ 3,800 rpm
    Maximum torque (DIN) 406 Nm @ 1,800 rpm
    Transmission Allison S1000
    Type 5-speed automatic
    Transfer Case Atlas
    Type 2-speed gear drive (shift on the fly)
    Steering System Hydraulically assisted
    Front Portal axle selectable diff lock and CTIS-ready
    Rear Portal axle selectable diff lock and CTIS-ready
    SuspensionSprings Coil springs, longitudinal arms and Panhard rods
    Shock absorbers Double-acting hydraulic
    BrakesService brake Dual circuit hydraulic with 4-circuit ABS disc front and rear
    Parking brake Spring-applied, pneumatic-release, disc brake operated on rear axle input pinion
    Road Wheels and Tires (standard)Rim type 11.0 x 20” split rim
    Tire size 335/80 R20
    Options Available
  • C41 Interfaces
  • Central Tyre Inflation System

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