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T Craft Class (Inshore Patrol Vessel) (IPV)

These boats are twin hulled catamarans of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) sandwich construction. Capable of carrying up to 15 personnel. Ordered in mid-1991. Each carries a RIB in the stern well. Commissioned as SAS in 2003.

Name No Builders Commissioned
SAS TOBIE P 1552 T Craft International, Cape Town June 1992
SAS TERN P 1553 T Craft International, Cape Town June 1996
SAS TEKWANE P 1554 T Craft International, Cape Town Dec 1996


Displacement, tons: 36 full load
Dimensions, feet (metres): 72,2 x 23 x 3 (22 x 7 x 0,9)
Main Machinery: 2 ADE 444 Tl 12V diesels; 2,000 hp (1,5 MW); 2 Hamilton water-jets
Speed, knots: 32
Range, miles: 530 at 22kt
Complement: 16 (1 officer)
Guns: 1-12,7 mm MG
Radars: Surface search: Racal Decca; I-band

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