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Daphne Class (SSK)

A weapon systems upgrading (including sonar), as well as improved habitability as part of a mid-life improvement programme, was completed in Umkhonto in July 1988, Assegaai in late 1990. Assegai completed a four year refit on 19 May 1999 and Umkhonto became operational again in early 2001 after a short refit. Spear was ultimately sold as scrap in 2002. All Daphne Class submarines have since been withdrawn from service to be replaced by the new Type 209 submarines, with one retained for a museum.

Name No Builders Launched Commissioned
SAS ASSEGAI (ex-Emily Hobhouse) S 99 Dubigeon-Normandie, Nantes Chantenay 24 Oct 1969 26 Feb 1971


Displacement, tons: 869 surfaced; 1,043 dived
Dimensions, feet (metres): 189,6 x 22,3 x 15,1 (57,8 x6,8 x4,6)
Main Machinery: Diesel-electric; 2 SEMT-Pielstick 12 PA4 V 185 diesels; 2,450 hp(m) (1,8 MW); 2 Jeumont Schneider alternators; 1,7 MW; 2 motors; 2,600 hp(m) (1,9 MW); 2 shafts
Speed, knots: 13,5 surfaced; 16 dived
Range, miles: 4,500 at 5kt snorting; 2,700 at 12,5kt surfaced
Complement: 47 (6 officers)
Torpedoes: 12-21,7 in (550 mm) (8 bow, 4 stern) tubes; ECAN E15 dual purpose; passive homing to 12 km (6,6 n miles)
Countermeasures: ESM; ARUD; radar warning upgraded by Grinaker Electronics
Weapons Control: Trivetts-UEC weapon control system; DCSC-2 being fitted
Radars: Surface search; Thomson-CSF Calypso II; I-band.
Sonar: Thomson Sintra DUUX2; hull-mounted; active/passive search and attack; 8,4 kHz active. Thomson Sintra DUUX2 or UEC; passive rangefinding. Thomson Sintra DSUV2 or UEC; passive search; medium frequency.
Programmes: Ordered from France in 1967

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