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The RG21 combines the battle proven protection and quality of the RG series of armored vehicles with the maturity and availability of commercially available host vehicle components such as driveline, running gear, dashboard and electronics. The result is a highly protected vehicle at a very cost effective price, available as a left or right hand drive variant with modular interior and serviceable throughout service centers worldwide.

Key features

  • Proven quality and reliability with a wide range of options based on the large amount of commercially of the shelf (COTS) items used in all the automotive sub-systems.
  • All aspects of the Value Chain are embedded in the system design which includes design for cost, manufacturability and supportability.
  • Spacious driver and co-driver area with adjustable steering and excellent visibility,
  • The vehicle can be easily re-configured for different missions due to the modular interior layout facilitated by the rail mounting system allowing repositioning of seats, radio racks, stretcher brackets and C4I equipment.
  • A standard CANNBUS electrical system is fitted allowing easy to maintain diagnostics.
  • Can be air transported in a C130 (with preparation).
  • The roof interface can be configured for various weapon systems such as a manual turret, remote turret, smoke launchers, cupola or seated one man turret.
    Length (with spare wheel) 6,490 mm
    Width 2,454 mm
    Roof height 2,930 mm
    Ground clearance 450 mm
    Angle of approach 36
    Angle of departure (step folded) 36
    TransportabilityAir (with preparation) C130 with turret
    Mass and payload
    Tare (excluding options) 9,800 kg
    Combat mass (all options) 13,800 kg
    Total payload 5,200 kg
    GVM (Host truck) 15,000 kg
    Interior layout
  • APC Up to 12 Seats
  • Left or right hand drive
  • APC, Command and Ambulance variants
  • Performance
    Maximum speed 110 km/h
    Gradeability 60%
    Turning circle (kerb to kerb) 15 m
    Ballistic protection
  • 7.62x51 mm
  • NATO and 7.62x39 mm AK,
  • 5.56x45mm SS109 Ball
  • Mine protection 21 kg TNT @ any wheel and 14 kg TNT under the hull without any hull rupture or fatal crew injuries
    Make Turbo, Intercooled 5.88L
    Emmissions / Fuel Euro 3 / Diesel, 115 l tank
    Maximum power 176 kW; 240 hP; 2,700 rpm
    Maximum torque 810 Nm @ 1,200-2,100 rpm
    Make and gears ZF 6S800, 6 spd manual
    Steering System Adjustable steering wheel
    Type Power assisted, ball
    Suspension Parabolic leaf spring
    Shock absorbers Dual/wheel (option)
    Anti roll bars Front and rear fitted standard
    Axles Beam axle, hub reduction
    Diff locks Front and rear (option)
    Wheels 395/85 R20, steel rims
    Service Brake Drum brakes (meet EEC)
    ABS and EBL Fitted, 2 circuits
    Engine brake Standard exhaust brake
    Electrical SystemCapacity 90 Amp, 24 Volt
    Control system Digital (CAN-based)
    Vehicle Options
  • Air conditioner and demister - front
  • Air conditioner and extractor fan - rear
  • Interior seat storage
  • Rifle brackets
  • Radio rack and antennae mountings
  • Transmission PTO drive
  • Front mounted winch - 9000 kg
  • Rear Mounted Spare wheel and side winch
  • Run Flat Inserts (RFI)
  • Add-on armor and spall liner
  • Fording kit
  • Hot climate customization
  • PA System, search light and roof security lights
  • Blackout system, convoy, marker and IR Lights
  • Dual battery system
  • Rear view camera
  • Pintle mount weapon mount - 7.62 / 5.56 mm
  • Remote 7.62mm turret
  • One man manual turret
  • Smoke launchers
  • Emergency evacuation stretcher loading system
  • C130 air transportability preparation kit
  • External stowage bins

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