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Infantry Combat Vehicle Technology Demonstrator (ICVTD)

South Africa's major military vehicle manufacturer, Reumech OMC, developed a prototype of the vehicle that could be the next-generation Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) for the South African Army. The vehicle has a combat weight in the 25 ton-region. The vehicle is still unnamed, and is provisionally being called the Rooikat ICV Technology Demonstrator (ICVTD). The vehicle was originally developed as an alternative front-engined drive-train prototype for the Rooikat (Afrikaans for the African Lynx) armoured car project.

The production model has a rear-fitted 10 cylinder water-cooled diesel with turbo charger. Like the production Rooikat, this is an 8x8 with the front four wheels power steered. The ICVTD has a ramp at the rear that allows access to the troop compartment. The vehicle mounts a Ratel-20 turret. It also has a loose top deck and could conceivably alternate between a small turret, such as the Ratel's or a large turret, with a much bigger turret ring, such a that of the Rooikat.

The vehicle was built in the early 1980's and was dusted off for the DEXSA '98 to show the rest of the world that South Africa already then gave thought to the currently fashionable wheeled heavy ICV concept. Similar in appearance to recent European designs like Vextra and the tri-national project, it was built in 1982 and then abandoned.

The vehicle is on par with the GIAT Vexstra and the Anglo-Franco-German GTK/MRAV/VBCI project. Armor-wise the vehicle is identical to the present Rooikat. That means it is protected against landmine blasts up to TM 46 size under a wheel, proof against NATO 7.62mm AP all round and can withstand 23mm AP rounds on a 60 degree frontal arc (South African vehicles damaged or lost to enemy fire during cross-border operations in southern Angola in the 1980s generally fell foul of Russian-made ZU-23-2 AA guns used in a ground role).

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