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Manufacturer LIW division of DENEL
Date of Introduction 1988
Proliferation At least 2 countries
Crew 6
Platform (chassis) Purpose built 6x6 wheeled
Combat Weight (mt) 48
Chassis Length Overall (m) 10.4
Height Overall (m) 3.5
Width Overall (m) 3.4
Automotive Performance 
Engine Type 525-hp air-cooled diesel
Cruising Range (km) 700 km
Speed (km/h) Max Road - 85
Max Off-Road - 30
Cross-Country - INA
Max Swim - N/A
Fording Depth (m) 1.00
Emplacement Time (min) 1
Displacement Time (min) 0.5
Radio INA
Self-Entrenching Blade No
NBC Protection System Yes
Smoke Equipment 8 81-mm grenade launchers
Main Armament 
Caliber, Type, Name 155-mm, canon
Barrel Length (cal) 45
Rate of Fire (rpm) Burst - 3
Normal - 2
Sustained - 1
Fire from Ground INA
Loader Type Semi-automatic
Breech Type Interrupted screw
Muzzle Brake Type Single baffle
Traverse Left - 40
Right - 40
Total - 80
Elevation -5/+75
Auxiliary Weapon 
Caliber, Type, Name .50 (12.7x99) heavy machinegun, M2HB
Mount Type Cupola AA mount
Direct Fire Range (m) INA
Max Effective Range (m) Day - 1000
Nigh - INA
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rpm) 450-550 (cyclic)
FIRE CONTROL Indirect Fire Digital Panoramic Telescope
FIRE CONTROL Direct Fire Trunnion mounted telescopic sight
Collimator INA
Gun Display Unit None
Fire Control Computer None
Caliber, Type, Name 155-mm Frag-HE, M1 HE
Indirect Fire Range (m) Minimum Range - 3000
Maximum Range - 30,000
Complete Projectile Weight 8.7 kg
Muzzle Velocity 897 m/s
Fuze Type PD M841
Caliber, Type, Name 155-mm Frag-HE BB, M1 HE
Indirect Fire Range (m) Minimum Rangem - INA
Maximum Range - 39,000
Complete Projectile Weight 8.7 kg
Muzzle Velocity 895 m/s
Fuze Type PD M841

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