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After the South Korean military was slammed for the invasion of small drones speculated to be made in North Korea, the military released two types of the latest drones in their possession along with their capability to collect North Korean intelligence. The military had previously introduced the actual reconnaissance equipment, usually considered confidential, but this is the first time they have released it in action. Some are criticizing that the military is revealing all its cards to highlight the contrast with the rudimentary technology of the North Korean drones.

The regiment level uses the RemoEye-15 (2004) and the RemoEye-006 UAV (2006) was developed and deployed at the battalion level. Defense reforms emphasizing drone warfare could expand the operational area of corps and divisions by a factor of three to four in the future. This would also enable network-centric warfare based on a drone system.

At 11 a.m. on 08 April 2014, the military disclosed Remoeye-006, the latest reconnaissance drone at the Mihocheon riverside in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province. It was 1.72m long, had a wingspan of 2.72m, and weighed 6.5kg. The drone is currently being used in combat arrangement by the Marines. Remoeye-002B, which is a renovated version of this model, will be supplied to the Army next year and used to reconnoiter enemy camps at the battalion level.

The military launched the drone Remoeye-006, which was demonstrated this day, in a bungee takeoff--they connected the drone to an elastic rope similar to a slingshot, pulled the rope 10-20m and then let go. It sent live images to the ground from 150m up in the air. The soldiers on the ground moved the drone by touching the map on the screen. During the day, it uses a 130,000-pixel camera which can zoom up to 10 times, and at night it uses an infrared camera. The drone has an electric motor for an engine and can fly up to 75 km/h at the maximum altitude of 3km for a maximum 2-hour flight.

  • Real Time Target Acquisition
  • Target Position Displayed on Video Screen
  • Auto Return when Data Loss
  • Video / Flight Data Transfer
  • Set-up TimeWithin 10 Minutes
    LaunchAutomatic Bungee Launch
    RecoveryAutomatic Parachute Recovery or Belly Landing
    Mission PayloadEO / IR Camera with Pan & Tilt Scanning in One Module
    Flight ModeFull Autonomous Flight, Waypoint Navigation
    Wing Span2.72m
    Length Overall1.72m
    Max Take-off Weight6.5kg
    Max Speed75KPH
    Operational Range15km
    PropulsionElectric Motor
    Remoeye-006 Remoeye-006 Remoeye-006

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