KUS-FT BAK RQ-102At the end of 2016, KAL-ASD began to deliver tactical KUS-FT BAK (also known as RQ-102) to the South Korean army and Marine Corps. The program should be supplied 16 such BAC, the production of which is scheduled to be completed in 2020 year. In December 2015, KAL-ASD received from DAPA the defense procurement office a contract for this program worth over 30 million dollars. Some sources claim that a limited number of UAVs have already been delivered to the army and marines before the start of the main program.

The KUS-FT UAV is based on previous work on the KUS-7 and KUS-9 drone aircraft and is distinguished by the smooth mating of the wing and fuselage and the beam tail. It is equipped with a rotary piston engine UEL with electronic fuel injection power 38 hp KUS-FT has a length of 3,7 meter, height of 0,9 meter and wingspan of 4,5 meter.

These drones are designed for reconnaissance, target detection and target designation and combat damage assessment, they will be equipped with target optical-electronic equipment with a laser rangefinder from Hanwha Thales, installed at the bottom of the fuselage. Although it is clear that the installation of other equipment on these UAVs is not planned in the short term, it is possible to integrate additional systems.

The drone can be launched either automatically from the rail or take off after the run from the runway. The return occurs due to a deep stall when landing and the network on the runway. The company KAL-ASD say that it allows you to stop the drone just 30 meters from the point of contact of the earth.

The development of the new KUS-FT platform is curious by the fact that numerous foreign manufacturers offer their ready-made LHCs that have been operated in real conditions, which, moreover, are superior to those of KUS-FT. Creating a new platform from scratch may be due to the desire of the Office of DAPA and the South Korean military to support local industry.

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