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AAV7A1 (amphibious assault vehicle)

Convert the LVT7(LVT7A1) to AAV7A1 Configuration
Engine DDC 8V53T Cummins VT400
Transmission FMC HS-400-3 HS-400-3A1
Final drives Split case housing Single piece case housing
Suspension addition of shock absorbers to the 2nd road wheel
Weapon station CAL.50MG CAL.50 MG, 40mm Grenade
Other improvements - Auto Fire Suppression System(AFSS)
- Power Operated Bow plane
- Enhanced Applique Armor Kit(EAAK)
- Exhaust system
- Ventilation system

Crew/Troops, Operators, Staff 3/21 3/10 5/0
Weight, Combat equipped 23,023kg/21,008kg 24,049kg/22,505kg 23,618kg/22,731kg
Unloaded(Less crew& fuel)
Maximum load capacity 21combat equipped troops
or 4,536kg(10,000Ib) cargo
Unit ground pressure 62,742N/ 54,468N/ 53,778N/
(cargo loaded, zero penetraion)
Fuel capacity 171 gallons(647liters)
Maximum speed Land: 72.4km/h(45mph) Water: 13.2km/h(8.2mph)
Cruising speed Land: 32.3 to 48.3km/h(20 to 30mph) Water: 9.7km/h(6.0mph)
Crusing range Land at 40.0km/h(25mph) : 483km(300mile) Water at 2,600rpm: 7hours
Obstacleability Trench span: 2.44m  Vertical wall: 0.91m
Maximum Forward grade(cargo loaded) 60%
Maximum side slope(cargo loaded) 40%
Ground clearance(cargo loaded) 40.64cm
Minimum turning radius(land, water) Pivot
Surf ability cargo loaded and Survive: 3.048m(10ft) 
plunging surf without sustaining Mission failure
WaterPropulsion Primary: Water jet    Secondary: Track
Cargo(AAVP7A1 only) Length: 411cm  Width: 182.9cm
Height: 167.6cm
Make : Cummins multifuel VT400
Type: 4cycle 8cylinder, 90 degree Vee,water cooled, turbocharged
Engine Displacement: 903 cubic inch(14.8liters)
Transmission: FMS HS400-3A1
Type: Hydraulic lock-up torque converter,parallel shaft grea arrangement
Communication Radio: VRC-947K
Intercom system: AM-780K, c-798K, c-9742K
Upgunned Weapons Station
- Weight 1,073kg 
- Traverse 360 degrees
- Elevation + 45degrees
- Depression-8 degrees
Armament Weapons: MK19 40mm grenade launcher(K4) K3 7.62mm machine gun,
- Rate of fire: 325-375 rds/min Pintle mounted
- Maximum effective range: 1,640 yds
M2 HB CAL .50 machine gun(K6)
- Rate of fire: 450-550 rds/min
- Maximum effective range : 2,000 yds(1,830m)
M257 Smoke grenade launchers; 8Grenades

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