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7th Infantry Regiment

The 7th Infantry Regiment was originally activated as the 7th Regiment on February 7, 1946 at Ch'ongju and was first commanded by 2nd Lt. Min Ki Shik. The unit was initially assigned to the 4th Brigade in April 1949 , was reassigned to the 6th Brigade when the 4th was redesignated the 6th Brigade in November 1948 and was later reassigned to the 6th Division when it was redesignated and activated in May 1949.

On or about August 6, 1949 the 1st Battalion of the 7th Regiment was ordered to respond to a North Korean attack on Hills 682, 704, and 600. The battalion, which was stationed at Hongch'on, was able to reacpture Hills 682 and 704 but not Hill 600 (despite 7 attempts) until the 7th Regiment was reinforced and with the support of the 8th Regiment Hill 600 was recaptured.

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