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Tactical Operations Group 9 (TOG 9)
Composite Tactical Group 9 (CTG 9)
Composite Air Support Force 9 (CASF 9)

The mission of Tactical Operations Group 9 (TOG 9) is to plan, control and coordinate the employment of air power in its area of responsibility, which includes Jolo Island, Basilan Island and around Pagadian City. Its specific functions include: determining tactical air requirements in its AOR; exercising operational control nad supervision over all Air Force units deployed and/or attached thereat; conducting tactical air operations within area of responsibility; performing forward air control missions; performing airfield operations and service support functions; performing Civil Military Operations (CMO) within its AOR; and performing other functions as directed by Division Commander, 3rd Air Division.

When Martial Law was declared on 21 September 1972, all airstrips throughout the country were taken over by Philippine Air Force personnel due to the perceived threats posed by subversive elements against the Marcos Government. In the southern Philippines, particularly in Jolo, Sulu the situation was very tense and volatile because martial rule was very unacceptable to the Muslims.

In view of the danger and instability in the area, the Philippine Air Force organized and activated the Sulu Frontier Air Command (SUFAC) on 20 November 1972 based in Zamboanga City. The mission of this unit was to secure all airports and airstrips in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi area. The Sulu Air Task Group (SATAG) was also created and placed under the command and control of SUFAC. This unit's mission was to secure the Jolo Airport and conduct air support to friendly troops in its assigned area of operations. PAF Engineers were dispatched to Jolo to construct barracks and offices in a 10,133.20 square meter area that would become the headquarters of the SATAG. The SATAG initially had 7 officers and 120 enlisted personnel. Most of the personnel assigned initially came from the Philippine Security Group and pilots were from 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing.

One of the most historic and tragic events involving the unit occurred when during the dawn hours of 7 February 1974 when the MNLF rebels attacked the camp. A fierce gun battle between the SATAG personnel and the rebels lasted for almost 2 days and resulted to 5 dead and 16 wounded SATAG personnel. Several enemy casualties were also identified after the rest of the attacking force had either withdrawn or surrendered.

On 10 June 1976, the 3rd Air Division was activated and enlisted personnel coming from the different task forces deployed in the area were absorbed into the new unit. SATAG was subsequently redesignated as the 514th Composite Tactical Squadron, and placed under the command of the 510th Composite Tactical Group. The unit became was again redesignated as Detachment I, 530th Air Base Wing on 1 August 1986. On 15 September 1988 it was redesignated again as Composite Air Support Force 9 (CASF 9).

CASF 9 was activated pursuant to Section I SO Number 223, Armed Forces of the Philippines, dated 23 September 1988. Its headquarters was located in the original SATAG Headquarters at Barangay Bus-Bus, Jolo, Sulu. In 1989, a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) was activated in Pulacan, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur. The TACP in Pulacan became the CASF 9 headquarters.

In the late 1990s CASF 9 was redesignated as Composite Tactical Group 9 (CTG 9). In 2001 it was again redesignated as Tactical Operations Group 9 (TOG 9). The unit remained headquartered at Barangay Bus-bus, Jolo, Sulu.

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