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Tactical Operations Group 12 (TOG 12)
Composite Tactical Group 12 (CTG 12)
Composite Air Support Force 12 (CASF 12)

The mission of Tactical Operations Group 12 is to plan, control and coordinate the employment of air power in western Mindanao. Its specific functions include: Determining tactical air requirements in its area of responsibility; exercising operational control/supervision over all Air Force units deployed/attached threat; conducting tactical air operations within its area of responsibility; performing forward air control missions; performing airfield operations and service support functions; performing Civil Military Operations (CMO) within its AOR; and performing other functions as directed by the 3rd Air Division.

When Martial Law was declared in 1972, the Philippine Air Force organized the Regional Air Command Mindanao (RACMIN) at PC Hill, Cotabato City. An element of the RACMIN was stationed at Awang Airport, Dinaig Maguindanao, designated as Composite Air Support Force Cotabato (CASFCOT). The unit's mission was to support forces deployed in Central Mindanao. The unit was eventually renamed the 621st Composite Tactical Squadron (CTS) and placed under the command and control of 620th Composite Tactical Group (CTG) along with the 622nd CTS in Davao City and 623rd CTS in Cagayan de Oro.

On 26 July 1985, pursuant to General Order Number 154, Headquarters, Philippine Air Force, dated 27 July 1985, the unit was reorganized as Composite Air Support Force 12 (CASF 12). Its mission was to plan, control and coordinate the employment of tactical air support elements in Central Mindanao. CASF 12 performed its mission and functions together with its elements from the 15th Strike Wing, the 205th Tactical Operations Wing, the Special Operations Wing, the Air Force Weather Group, and the Air Intelligence Service Group under its operational control.

On 1 February 1999 the unit was redesignated as Composite Tactical Group 12 (CTG 12), with the same mission and functions. The unit was assigned to the 3rd Air Division. As part of a larger reorganization of the Philippine Air Force that had seen the 3rd Air Division inactivated and the Tactical Operations Command activated. Initially CTG 12 had been assigned to the TOC. Pursuant to Section 2, General Orders Number 32, Headquarters, Philippine Air Force, dated 31 Jan 2001, the unit was again redesignated as Tactical Operations Group 12 (TOG 12). The 3rd Tactical Operations Wing was also activated and TOG 12 was placed under the command of that unit.

The unit remained based at Awang Airport with elements of the 15th Strike Wing, the 206th Tactical Operations Squadron, the 722nd Special Operations Squadron, the Air Intelligence Service Group and a Weather Detachment under its operational control. Operational control units rotated often.

In 2007 the Tactical Operations Command and its associated Tactical Operations Wing, including the 3rd Tactical Operations Wing, were inactivated. This was part of another larger PAF reorganization that saw the 3rd Air Division reactivated. TOG 12 was subsequently placed under the command of this unit.

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