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Palestinian People's Party (PPP)

The PPP is a leftist PLO faction. It was founded in February 1982 in the Occupied Territories as the Palestinian Communist Party. It broke with its Leninist past in 1991 and re-launched itself as the PPP, a democratic, pragmatic and popular party. It was a member of the United National Leadership of the Uprising (UNLU) during the first Intifada.


The PPP was led by Bashir Barghouthi from 1982-98. In October 1998, the party held its third convention in Ramallah and elected a three-member committee as General Secretariat (Han Amira, Abdel Majid Hamdan and Mustafa Barghouthi).

The PPP has greater influence locally than within the PLO, where it is represented in the Executive Committee by Sulieman Najjab.

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