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New Afrikan Liberation Front (NALF)

In their Principles of Unity, the New Afrikan Liberation Front (NALF) states that the enemy is the “government of the united states of america” (their use of small letters) “that oppresses and exploits our people through the systems of capitalist imperialism, sexist oppression, and racial colonialism.” The principles also state, “We recognize the right to use self-defense, as well as the right to armed struggle for self-determination.” (New Afrikan Liberation Front, 1999).

The NALF’s primary objective is to liberate land located in the “historic southeastern Black Belt,” referred to as the national territory of Kush, through a three-phase program. The objective of the first phase is to draw a line of demarcation between the forces in the black community that support integration versus those that support separation. This is to be accomplished through a “class struggle” within the neocolony . . . to expose by means and methods by which the colonial government maintains control over the oppressed New African Nation”.

The seeds for a national independence movement are to be planned during phase one and are expected to blossom during phase two. Political actions during this phase will result in class-consciousness and a national unity. Eventually, phase two will lead to “selfgovernment for national independence,” or phase three. According to the principles, “The 3rd Phase, Self-Government for National Independence, is to fight for the national territory of Kush, to win the war and FREE THE LAND.” (New Afrikan Liberation Front, 1999)

The NALF coordinates activities with the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PGRNA), which traces its roots to March 31, 1968, when a declaration of independence was signed in Detroit’s Twenty-Grand Motel, creating the Republic of New Afrika. The current officers of the national PGRNA were inaugurated in the auditorium of the Harriet Tubman School in New York in January 1997. The PGRNA wanted a separate black nation in the southeastern United States that is as “independent as Canada”.

On February 8, 1997, an emergency meeting was called by the New Afrikan Liberation Front (NALF) to decide how to counter what they said was a new counterintelligence attack on the movement by federal officials. They claimed certain individuals and groups were being targeted as a prelude to intensified attacks against the entire black community.

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