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Daash - Spectacular Attacks - Motivations

Terrorist targeting strategies are based on an assessment of political, economic, military, and organizational conditions in both the organization and the society in which it functions. Urban targets are usually chosen due to the widespread impact and attention such acts generate. Spectacular terrorist acts are usually performed by obscure groups seeking media attention or by well established groups whose audience has been conditioned to accept and applaud terrorism. These acts consist of two parts: a physical attack and an attempt to convert victim characteristics into a public issue. Regis Debray, Carlos Marighella, and Don Cox have prepared various terrorist manuals covering the mechanics of this process.

As a result of offensive actions abroad and vigilant security measures at home, the US government reduced terrorists’ capabilities to perpetrate spectacular attacks on American soil. Initially, instead of al-Qa’ida’s model of spectacular attacks, Daash [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)] adopted a diffuse “lone-wolf” model, which encouraged unaffiliated individuals or small cells “to do whatever damage they can with whatever is at hand.” This threat was decentralized and harder to detect than threats orchestrated by al-Qa’ida.

Attacks by and on behaldof Daash had the effect of confusing the politics of the targetted countries, weakening their resolve and ability to counter Daash at home and abroad.

Motivation - Governance in the Wilderness

Amir Taheri wrote 02 July 2008 that "No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of "wildernesses" in which only those under our rule enjoy security. These are some of the ideas developed by Shaikh Abu Bakr Naji, currently the chief theoretician of Al Qaida, in his new book Governance in the Wilderness (Edarat Al Tawwahush)..."

Amir Taheri wrote in the New York Post on 15 November 2015 "the Islamic State, the latest version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, has decided that Western democracies, representing the “Infidel” world, are no longer prepared to fight even to preserve their comfortable lives. The Paris attacks came on the first day of the Muslim lunar month of Safar, which coincides with the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed’s first successful “ghazva” (raid) against the “infidel” at Safwan in 623 AD. The Islamic State is already referring to the Paris attacks as another “ghazva,” promising many more."

"Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji, the late theoretician of the Sunni version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, put it: “No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.” The sheikh’s neo-jihadi theory was explained a decade ago in his magnum opus “Governance in the Wilderness” ("Edarat al Tawwahush"). "

"The sheikh believed that, if subjected to constant intimidation and fear of death, most non-Muslims, especially in the West, would submit to Islam in exchange for a minimum of tranquility.... The hope is that just as the Prophet forced the Arab tribes to accept Islam in exchange for protection, the “infidel” nations will also decide that it is in their best interest to submit."

Motivation - Radicalize European Muslims

Analysts say there was a highly dangerous, macabre logic to what Islamic State militants are trying to achieve, and warn that overreaction by Western governments and enraged citizens will aid the terrorists. A 10-page editorial in the IS online magazine Dabiq posted January 2015 was titled “The Gray Zone”. The editorial argued there was a “twilight area occupied by most Muslims between good and evil, the Caliphate and the Infidel.” The author quotes Osama bin Laden saying you are either with us, or with the “Western Crusaders.”

Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, a pro-EU think-tank, warned that Islamic State wanted its attacks to bolster far-Right politicians like Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader who looks poised for a major victory in France’s regional polls in December 2015. “Islamic State want to get Marine Le Pen stronger. They want far-Right attacks on mosques and a warlike ambience in western countries, because the more Muslims are persecuted, the more Muslims will be motivated to pick up arms and fight in Western Europe."

Motivation - Recruit From al-Qaeda

A more immediate target may be al-Qaeda itself, or rather the adherents and combatants of al-Qaeda. In December 2001 Osama bin Laden released an audio tape in which he said: "... when people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse. This is only one goal; those who want people to worship the lord of the people, without following that doctrine, will be following the doctrine of Muhammad, peace be upon him." With the spectacular attacks of late 2015, Daah is the strong horse, and the inactive al-Qaeda is the weak horse. Islamic State has shown the ability to peel off members of other extremist groups, further bolstering its numbers.

Usama bin-Laden sought through attacks such as September 11th to provoke the United States into intervening in Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. He believed his fighters could inflict a decicive defeat on the United States, which would then crumble as had the Soviet Union.

Motivation - Hasten the End of Days

Daash probably has a similar, though significantly more grandiose, intent. Daash is propelled by the belief that the end of days is at hand — and with it the prophesied “Great Battle”. Prophecy predicted war between Islamic army and 'infidel horde' in Syria. A 1,300-year-old hadith, which is a report of the deeds, teachings and sayings of the Prophet Mohammed, refers to the 'horde' flying 80 banners as they take on a Muslim army in the Syrian town of Dabiq. It warns of a 'malahim' - the equivalent to Armageddon in Christian teachings – in which the Muslims ultimately prevail. This battle would take place in Dabiq, Syria, and the town's name has become a byword for the struggle against the West.

The scripture also describes a battle in al-Amaq, another small town in Syria. Amaq is the name the militants have chosen for their semiofficial news agency.

The terrorist group has even named its official magazine 'Dabiq'. Each edition of the magazine 'Dabiq' features the same prophetic quote about how the conflict will unfold: “The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify — by Allah’s permission — until it burns the crusader armies in Dabiq.”

Islamic State, which gives significant importance to the early Islamic surahs (verses) in its propaganda and ideology, longs for a "decisive and final" ground battle with the "forces of Rome," that is, the West and the Christian world as a whole. The battle, according to such prophecies, must take place near the Syrian town of Dabiq (now controlled by ISIS), which is not far from Raqqa. If this interpretation of ISIS's intentions is true, then the Parisian terrorist act and the downing of the Russian plane are both provocations, "invitations to a battle" from the fanatics. If the invitation goes unanswered, there will be more "invitations."

'Dabiq' was the site of the victorious battle of the Ottoman invaders led by Sultan Salim I. In this battle, they took control over Iraq and Al Sham for four centuries under the title of "The Islamic Khilafah".

Data compiled by the US House Homeland Security Committee suggest, in all,by November 2015 Islamic State had been in some way responsible for more than 60 terror plots against Western targets, including 18 in the United States.

Jean-Pierre Filiu is a professor of Middle East Studies at Sciences Po in Paris, and the author of “Apocalypse in Islam,” one of the main scholarly texts exploring the scripture on which the militants base their ideology. “I have said it repeatedly: Because of these prophecies, going in on the ground would be the worst trap to fall into. They want troops on the ground. Because they have already envisioned it.... “It’s a very powerful and emotional narrative. It gives the potential recruit and the actual fighters the feeling that not only are they part of the elite, they are also part of the final battle.”

“To break the dynamic, you have to debunk the prophecy. “You need to do so via a military defeat, like taking over Raqqa. But it needs to be by local forces — by Sunni Arabs.”

Motivation - The Jews Did It

Some trace each and every case of worldwide Muslim terrorism back to Palestine because they want to erase Israel. They espouse “false flag” theories of an anti-Semitic nature. They are eager to force an anti-Jewish narrative on the attacks in Paris and on the Islamic State’s war against the West.

Blaming Israel for the massive, coordinated terror attacks in Paris on 16 November 2015 is part and parcel of Palestinian Authority ideology and policy, the director of Palestinian Media Watch told The Algemeiner on 16 November 2015. Indeed, said Itamar Marcus — whose organization monitors material emanating out of official Palestinian institutions, including the press, education system and mosques — PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party “have spent years attributing all Palestinian problems and those of the rest of the world to Israel and/or Jews. Doing so in relation to the Paris attacks is par for the course.”

Two cartoons posted on Fatah’s official Facebook page illustrate how the PA is exploiting the massacre in France for its own purposes. One portrays Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu helping an ISIS terrorist near the Eiffel Tower aim his machine gun. The other shows two matches sticking out of a matchbox labeled “Terrorism,” one with the head of an ISIS terrorist and the other an Orthodox Jew.

An op-ed in the official Palestinian Authority daily stated that Israel's Mossad, is behind the attacks in Paris. "The wise and correct thing is to look for who benefits. In short: They need to search the last place reached by the octopus arms of the Mossad...It is clear that its ‘Mossad’ will burn Beirut and Paris in order to achieve [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s goals. He, who challenged the master of the White House, hides in his soul enough evil to burn the world,” read the opinion piece in the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper.

A co-founder of the Free Gaza movement, Mary Hughes-Thompson, raised the possibility that Israel was behind the deadly attacks that hit Paris on and killed 120 people. "I haven't accused Israel of involvement. Still, Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] is upset about the European settlement boycott. So who knows".

Following the January Paris terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, she similarly hinted at Israeli involvement. “Hebdo killings indefensible. Can’t help thinking JSIL Mossad false flag though…,” ADL, the American human rights group quoted her as tweeting. ADL explained that JSIL is the acronym for “Jew­ish State in the Lev­ant,” a term used by anti-Israel activists to equate Israel with ISIS.

Hughes-Thompson's co founder of Free Gaza, Greta Berlin, explicitly blamed Israel for the Charlie Hebdo attack. “MOSSAD just hit the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo in a clumsy false flag designed to damage the accord between Palestine and France…Here’s hoping the French police will be able to tell a well executed hit by a well trained Israeli intelligence service and not assume the Muslims would be likely to attack France when France is their freind [sic.] Israel did tell France there would be grave consequences if they voted with Palestine. A four year old could see who is responsible for this terrible attack”.

In January 2015, following the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and HyperCacher supermarket murders in Paris, a poll indicated that 84% of Palestinians thought that Israel was behind the attacks, while a mere 8% thought the terrorism was the result of radical Islam in Europe.

Veterans Today is a US news network that includes about 60 websites and "represents the views of enlightened sectors of America’s military and intelligence community". It constantly exposes the American and Zionist practices in the Arab region and Middle East. The network published a report revealing that the leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent called Simon Elliot or Elliot Shimon. According to the report, he was trained to spread chaos in Arab countries in service of Israel.

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