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Al-Qaida / Al-Qaeda - Key Personalities

The following chart presents a hierarchical, and therefore somewhat flawed, view of major figures within the Al-Qaeda movement. It must be noted that Al-Qaeda is best described as a network of networks and that it is not organized as a traditional hierarchy. This tier structure is meant as a guideline to distinguish the suspected level of authority of different militants. The specific roles listed for each militant is what is suspected based on open source intelligence available. Also, this list is incomplete as it represents only what is known. It is a near certainty that there are many other important figures involved in Al-Qaeda and that militants who have been captured or killed have been replaced in their roles within the organization. Several of these figures belong primarily to other Islamic extremist organizations, but also have become affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Tier 1

Atiyah Abd al-Rahman
Libyan (Deputy) - reportedly killed

Saif al Adel
(aka Saif Adel Makkawi), Egyptian (Security Chief) - at large

Muhammed Atef
Egyptian (Operations Chief)
- killed
Tier 2

Younis al-Mauritani
Mauritanian (Operations Planner)
- captured

Mafouz Ould Walid
Mauritanian (Counselor) - unknown, presumed killed

Abd Rahim Nashiri
Saudi (Persian Gulf Operational Coordinator) - captured

Zayn Abidin Muhammed Hussein
(aka Abu Zubaida) Palestinian (Operational Planner) - captured

Tawfiq Attash
(aka Khallad) (Pakistan Coordinator) - at large

Yazid Sufaat
Malaysian (Biological weapons production) - captured

Sheik Said Al-Masri
(Financial Aide) - at large

Abu Hamza Rabia
(Senior international operations commander) - reportedly killed
Tier 3

Zaid Khayr
(Operational Commander) - at large

Saad bin Laden
Saudi (son of Usama bin Laden) - at large

Abu Ali Harithi
(aka Abu Ali) Yemeni, (USS Cole attack planner) - killed

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah
Egyptian (Intelligence Chief) - at large

Ramzi Binalshibh
Yemeni (9/11 Coordinator in Hamburg) - captured

Abu Zubair Haili
Saudi (Operational Planner, Recruiter) - captured

Midhat Mursi
(aka Abu Khabab), Egyptian (Chemical Weaponeer) - unknown

Ibn Shaykh Libi
(Trainer - Training Camp Commander) - captured

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith
(aka Gaith Abu Yusuf), Kuwaiti (Spokesman) - at large

Ali Abdul Aziz Ali
(aka Ammar al-Baluchi) (Nephew of Khalid Sheik Mohammed) - captured

Mustafa Ahmed Hawsawi
(aka Shaykh Saiid) Saudi (Media committee member) - captured

Abd Hadi al-Iraqi
(Trainer - Camp Commander) - detained

Mohammad Jamal Khalifa
Saudi (Financier, bin Laden's brother-in-law) - at large

Hasan Ghul
Pakistani (Operational Planner) - captured

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