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Al-Faruq Brigades

The Al-Faruq Brigades have claimed responsibility for a number of U.S. casualties. The group has issued reports to "The Free Arab Voice," providing information on their attacksIraqi Resistance Reports.

In the reports, the Al-Faruq Brigades have detailed their military operations and have claimed responsiblity for a number of specific attacks against U.S. forces.

The reports have detailed their exercises in different regions, including the city of al-Fallujah, where the al-Faruq Brigades have claimed to have attacked a Bradley fighting vehicle, killing six Americans. They have also claimed to have successfully carried out an ambush on American Special Forces.

In Al-Anbar Province, the group claimed to have planted explosives in ar-Ramadi to target the positions of American Forces, killing 10 soldiers and destroying three armored vehicles. The militants have detailed their military tactics against U.S. forces in the province.

In the port city of Al-Bakr, the al-Faruq Brigades claimed that Iraqi Special Forces inflitrated the port and opened fire with French-made MM33 surface-to-surface missiles on U.S. military boats heading towards al-Faw. Reportedly, three boats were destroyed and all aboard those boats were killed. The group stated, that this operation affirmed "that the jihadi resistance in Iraq is able to use means that do not occur to the Americans. The future holds yet more surprises."

Al-Faruq has also been involved in suicide bombing against U.s. Forces, which the group refer to as "martyrdom" operations. One such incident involved a HUMWVV vehicle which was set on and killed at least one soldier.

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