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Alliance of Eritrean National Force

In March 1999 representatives of ten Eritrean opposition groups formed the Alliance of Eritrean National Force, under the leadership of Abdullah Idriss, to overthrow the government of President Isaiyas Aferworki. The support given to the group by Sudan is a tit-for-tat policy, since Khartoum has accused Eritrea of supporting Sudanese opposition forces. The new group includes some veterans of the fragmented Eritrean politics, including the Eritrean Liberation Front - Revolution Council (ELF-RC) of Abdellah Idris, who will lead the new alliance.

Members of the Alliance include:

  • Eritrean Democratic Resistance Movement (Gash-Setit) [in southwestern Eritrea]
  • Eritrean Initiative Group
  • Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement
  • Eritrean Kunamas Democratic Movement
  • Eritrean Liberation Front
  • Eritrean Liberation Front National Congress
  • Eritrean Liberation Front - Revolution Council
  • Eritrean People's Congress
  • Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front
  • Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Eritrea,
  • Ato [Mr] Ali Muhammad Sayyid Berhatu.

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