Northern Area Command

The Northern Area Command, also known as Force Command Northern Areas [FCNA], is headquatered at Gilgit. Flying above the main gate of the headquarters, the FCNA flag is orange with the command formation sign on the center (a black disk with a silver snow leopard salient issuing from the fly edge of the disk). After 1999 it has apparently functioned as the equivalent of a Corps command. Some sources report that the Force Commander Northern Areas is the equivalent of a Division, and is subordinate to X Corps, while most sources agree that as of early 2002 it was an independent Corp-equivalent command reporting directly to the Army headquarters.

Sources differ as to the composition of the command, with some reporting one division and four independent brigades, while others sugges a total of five independent brigades. Apparently, as of early 2001 it was reported that the 7 Infantry division from Mardan was moving from the command of XI Corps in Peshawar to the command of Northern Areas Command, possibly to a location opposite Kargil in Kashmir.

                       City Latitude Longitude
Northern Area Command Gilgit, Kashmir 3555'N 7418'E
80th Inf BDE Astor 3522'N 7451'E
150th Inf BDE Gilgit 3555'N 7418'E
323rd Siachen Inf BDE Dansam / Kel?? ____'N ____'E
62nd Inf BDE Skardu 3518'N 7537'E
61st Inf BDE U/I Location ____'N ____'E
7th Infantry Division U/I Location 3412'N 7202'E

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