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Nigerian Naval Dockyard [NND], Victoria Island, Lagos

The Naval Dockyard was commissioned in 1990 to equip the NN with the required technical capability to carry out major repairs and refits of ships locally as well as lay the foundation for the local construction of naval vessels. Accompanying the fleet expansion of the early 1980s, the NN embarked on an ambitious construction of a Naval Dockyard in Victoria Island, Lagos. The aim was to equip the NN with the required technical capability to carry out major repairs and refits locally.

There are 3 graving docks and a slipway at the NND. The main graving dock has a capacity of 10,000 tones with a dimensionof 180m x 24m x 12m. The twin docks consist of two 250-tons capacities each with dimension of 50m x 15m x 6m. There is also a slipway with a capacity of about 200 tones capable of taking up to 5 ship when refurbished. The existence of these infrastructures is a great potential for production of defence need such as ships and other watercraft.

The Platting workshop is one of the main hubs of shipbuilding. This workshop has modern equipment for cutting steel plates, welding and fabrication of complex structure. Other workshops necessary for shipbuilding at the NND include the Engine Test Bay, Steel, Carpentry, Effectors and Arsenal amongst others. All these workshops contribute to different types of defence need production. The quality assurance equipment such as hardness tester, ultra sonic thickness gauge, X-ray equipment, universal testing machine and pendulum impact machine are all functioning. The quality assurance equipment are critical possessions in ship and submarine building.

The availability of 3 docking spaces and a slipway that also offer another 5 spaces provide the potential for building warships at the NND. The dockyard pool with about 6,000 square meters also provides adequate space for outfitting of warships under construction. The shipbuilding potentials available at the NND are also applicable to submarine construction / building. Another submarine building potential is the presence of Dorman LongNig Ltd that has high pressure shell fabrication capacity within the yard. There is also the mine looping workshop for assembly which the company is already using that could serve for fabrication sections. The slipway and the dockyard pool that offers a suitable place for outfitting are potential for submarine building.

The mechanical workshop is adequately equipped to play major role in repair and shipbuilding. Some of the equipment includes 7 lathe machines, one universal milling machine, 2 grinding machine, one hydraulic press, main bearing cuttingmachine and value grinders among others. Though some other not listed have not been commissioned, they all make up the potentials for defence needs production.

Naval Dockyard

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