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Nigeria - Airfields

The projected platforms required to meet the national security challenges envisaged for the period 2017-2026 will require a robust operational and logistics support arrangements. In the past, poor state of these facilities and infrastructure has had negative consequences on NAF operations. However, recent efforts at revamping some of these facilities have started yielding positive results. Notwithstanding, there is need to appraise the state of these facilities to enhance optimum performance in line with the projections of the 2017-2026 Strategic Plan.

The NAF operates either from joint (military/civil) user airfields or single (military) user airfields. The military runways are located in Kaduna, Kainji, Port Harcourt and Makurdi. Over time these runways and associated taxiways have deteriorated, prompting the NAF to establish a Rapid Runway Repair Team (RRRT) responsible for their repairs and maintenance to make them usable. The newly established bases like Bauchi and Owerri would require construction of taxiways, aprons and associated facilities as they are in joint user airfields.

The 4 military airfields at Makurdi, Port Harcourt, Kainji and Kaduna are not adequately served with navaids. Makurdi has a CVOR and PAPI but the PAPI remains un calibrated, the runway lightings require reactivation. Port Harcourt has an NDB and no runway lightings. Kainji also has CVOR/DME and serviceable runway lightings while Kaduna has VOR/DME although the DME aspect is not calibrated. Runway lightings for the Kaduna airfield are being installed. None of the 4 airfields has functional ILS.

The NAF has 3 large hangars located at 531 ACMD Ikeja, 131 Log Gp Makurdi and 117 ACTG Kainji while it has 5 medium hangars located at 107 AMG Benin, 115 SOG Port Harcourt, 305 SMG Wg Ikeja, 403 FTS Kano and 431 Log Gp Kaduna. There is also an uncompleted hangar at 303 MAG Ilorin. The workshops and test benches in some of these hangars have deteriorated over the years to the extent that it is difficult to carry out effective maintenance. While the facilities in the hangar would need rehabilitation, the workshops require major upgrade of their test benches in other to effectively support aircraft operations.

The only NAF Armament Depot is located at Makurdi. This has always been inadequate to store NAF bombs and missiles necessitating the resort to the use Nigerian Army (NA) storage facilities. The NA depots are inadequate for storing aircraft bombs. This is further complicated by the ongoing operations in the NE resulting in increased demand for bombs and missiles which require more storage space. It is therefore imperative to construct new armament depots for the NAF. A plan to construct another armament depot for the NAF at Minna in the past has not received budgetary approval.

The NAF has adequately accommodated 10,226 personnel out of 12,814 personnel thus leaving a deficit of 2,588 accommodation of various categories. There are also about 199 offrs and 275 airmen/airwomen approved for lodging allowance. On completion of on-going barracks projects, a total of 1,452 personnel would further be accommodated. However, due to the anticipated expansion within the period under review, additional 4,000 officers and 21,000 airmen/airwomen would require accommodation.

An international airport is one which is open for arrival and departures of aircraft, performing international air transportation, and where the passport and customs control is based. Some airports in Nigeria added international to their names even though they are truly not international. Apart from airports, Nigeria also has a number of scattered runways and airfields located throughout the whole country. The majority of them are owned by Nigeria military forces and some oil enterprises. In general, Nigeria can boast of having 26 airports, though only 5 among them are international.

Murtala Mohammed International Airport is considered to be the major Nigerian airport, which welcomes all the international flights. Apart from this, it is believed to be one of the biggest airports located on the African continent. The airport was officially opened on the 15th of March in 1979. It was given the name in order to honour former Nigerian President Late Murtala Mohammed and praise his contribution to the life and development of Nigeria. The airport location is situated in Ikeja, Lagos. It has a capacity for welcoming internal and international flights. Murtali Mohammed International Airport passenger flow reaches 5 million people a year, this constitutes 50% of all Nigerian air traffic. The airport has recently undergone modernization along with the construction of a new terminal. International and Cargo terminals are open 24/7. This is a great benefit in comparison to domestic terminals that function only for 16 hours.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport is located in Nigerian capital city of Abuja. Nnamdi Azikiwe is located 24 km from the city center. It welcomes both domestic and international flights of 18 airlines. For international flights passengers, check-in starts 2 hours 30 minutes and ends 40 minutes before taking off.

Port Harcourt airport Nigeria is located is named in honor of Lewis, Viscount Harcord, Secretary of State for Colonies, and originally for export of coal mined in Enugu. Port Harcourt International Airport was built in 1950. Since then, it provides all international flights passengers with excellent service. The airport has one terminal which functions for welcoming both Nigerian residents and foreigners.

Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport was a military venue for departures and arrivals of Royal Air Force before Nigeria gained independence. It was named after Aminu Kano - a popular Nigerian politician. It has two runways and serves civil and military purposes. Akanu Ibiam International Airport The airport is situated in Enugu. It received its name in honour of Medical Doctor and Statesman - Akanu Ibiam. Among airlines that use this airport as a departure point are Aero Contractors, Air Peace, Arik Air, Med-View Airline, Ethiopian Airlines.

Unlike the international airports in Nigeria, the domestic airports in Nigeria handles only domestic flights and as such, are usually smaller featuring short runways sufficient enough to handle short or medium haul aircraft and regional air traffic.They are also known as local airports. Domestic Airport, as the name implies, only offer domestic services i.e flight within the same country. Domestic airports do not have customs and immigration facilities i.e cannot handle flights to or from a foreign airport. It has short runways compare to international airport. An airstrip is a small landing field usually having only one runway and basic facilities. On Nigeria, numerous airstrips exist.

The Nigerian Aviation Sector Summary Report for second quarter of 2015 released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said that the second quarter saw decline in number of passengers from 406, 369 passengers in the first quarter to 1,048,598 passengers in the second quarter. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the aviation data used in the report were obtained from the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). Variables include the number of passengers carried on domestic and international flights by airport, aircraft movements and the weight of cargo and post carried. The report said that the resultant 2,374,479 domestically bound passengers represented 69.37 per cent of the total number of passengers. It said that the total number of passengers was up by 7.53 percent points from the preceding quarter, yet down by 1.35 per cent point from the second quarter of 2014.

Year on year, the report said, both domestic and international passenger numbers were lower, with 73,492 or 6.55 per cent fewer than international passengers. The report said that the numbers of international passengers were 335,908 or 12.39 per cent fewer than domestic passengers relative to the corresponding quarter of the preceding year. It said that Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos recorded highest number of domestic passengers, followed by the Abuja airports.

Murtala Muhammed Airport continued to dominate domestic passenger travel in the quarter, with the 936,029 passengers representing 39.42 per cent of the second quarter. Despite still recording passenger numbers lower than in second quarter of 2014, with year on year growth of 70,758 passengers or 7.03 per cent, quarterly numbers were up with a rise of 39,505 passengers or 4.41 per cent from the preceding quarter, it said. On the other hand, the report said that Abuja airport, with the second greatest portion of second quarter domestic passenger traffic at 33.15 per cent of the total, showed a similar trend.

Despite the deteriorating condition of the Nigerian Aviation Sector and by extension many Nigerian Airports, a good number of them have stood the test of time, continuously offering incontestable flight services to Nigerians. These airports have proven to be very reliable and coordinated.

City servedStateICAOIATAAirport nameLatLonLength
Military airports
Kainji......Kainji Air Force Base ' " ' " ,000 ft
Kaduna......Kaduna Old Air Force Base ' " ' " ,000 ft
MakurdiBenueDNMKMDIMakurdi Air Force Base ' " ' " ,000 ft
Port HarcourtRiversPHGPort Harcourt NAF Base ' " ' " ,000 ft
International airports
AbujaFCTDNAAABVNnamdi Azikiwe International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
EnuguEnuguDNENENUAkanu Ibiam International Airport (Enugu Airport) ' " ' " ,000 ft
KanoKanoDNKNKANMallam Aminu Kano International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
Lagos / IkejaLagosDNMMLOSMurtala Muhammed International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
Port HarcourtRiversDNPOPHCPort Harcourt International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
Major domestic airports
BauchiBauchipendingpendingSir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
CalabarCross RiverDNCACBQMargaret Ekpo International Airport (Calabar Airport) ' " ' " ,000 ft
JosPlateauDNJOJOSYakubu Gowon Airport (Jos Airport) ' " ' " ,000 ft
KadunaKadunaDNKAKADKaduna Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
MaiduguriBornoDNMAMIUMaiduguri International Airport (Maiduguri Airport) ' " ' " ,000 ft
SokotoSokotoDNSOSKOSadiq Abubakar III International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
YolaAdamawaDNYOYOLYola Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
Other domestic airports
AsabaDeltaDNASABBAsaba International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
AkureOndoDNAKAKRAkure Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
BauchiBauchiDNBABCUBauchi Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
BeninEdoDNBEBNIBenin Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
Birnin KebbiKebbipendingpendingKebbi International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
GombeGombeDNGOGMOGombe Lawanti International Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
IbadanOyoDNIBIBAIbadan Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
IlorinKwaraDNILILRIlorin Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
JalingoTarabapendingpendingJalingo Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
KatsinaKatsinaDNKTDKAKatsina Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
MakurdiBenueDNMKMDIMakurdi Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
MinnaNigerDNMNMXJMinna Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
OwerriImoDNIMQOWSam Mbakwe Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
UyoAkwa IbomDNAIQUOAkwa Ibom Airport (Uyo Airport) ' " ' " ,000 ft
WarriDeltaDNSUQRWWarri Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
ZariaKadunaDNZAZARZaria Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
AjaokutaKogiAjaokuta Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
AzareBauchiAzare Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
BacitaKwaraBacita Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
BajogaGombeDN54Bajoga Northeast Airport ' " ' " ,000 ft
BebiCross RiverBebi Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
BidaNigerDNBIBida Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
EketAkwa IbomDNEKEket Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
EscravosDeltaEscravos Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
GusauZamfaraDNGUQUSGusau Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
NguruYobeNguru Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
PotiskumYobePotiskum Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
ShiroroNigerShiroro Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft
TugaKebbiTuga Airstrip ' " ' " ,000 ft

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