Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia

The rank and grade structure of the three services designated personnel as officers and "other ranks." Officers' ranks palloel these of the United States forces. An honorific title, gyoke, loosely translated as "supreme general," was reserved for Aung San and for U Ne Win. Navy personnel were divided among seven noncommissioned officer and enlisted ranks; those in the air force and the army were divided into eight. Officers' insignia were displayed on shoulder boards; those of the other ranks were on the upper sleeve. The uniforms of all three services were patterned after those of the British. The navy used dark blue trousers and light blue shirts; the air force used all khaki. Army service uniforms were a fawn khaki, and field uniforms were dark green. Officers wore a standard visored hat. Generals' hats had two laurel bands on the peaks, those of colonels and lieutenant colonels had one, and majors and below had none. Lieutenant colonels and above had gold chin straps; majors and below had black. Enlisted men wore a cloth cap or a wide-brimmed jungle hat for field duty.

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