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Myanmar - Sagaing Dynasty (1315-1364)


Kings / Queens

Relationship to Predecessor

Sagaing Dynasty (1315-1364)
1315-27 Athinkayar .
1327-35 Taraphyar .
1335-39 Shwe Taung Tek .
1339-48 Kyaswar .
1348-50 Minye Taw Htwet .
1350-52 Taraphyar .
1352-64 Min Pyan Thihapatae .

Towards the close of the 13th century the Bagan Union broke up into fragmentary principalities. Three Shan brothers, Athin Khaya, Yazathin Kyan, and Thihathu, relatives of Uzana, the last king of the Bagan dynasty, each set up a city kingdom of his own and ruled contemporaneously. These kingdoms were short-lived. Myintsaing and Pinya kingdoms lasted only 66 years (C.E. 1298-1364) and Sagaing kingdom only 49 years (C.E. 1315 - 1364).

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