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Corps of Military Police
[Cuerpo de la Policía Militar]

Military discipline is one of the qualities that distinguish the armed forces of all nations of the world, current and former Army officials had to be a special body to control the order, security and discipline, thus avoiding the distraction of the fighting troops and ensured internal order and control in areas under martial law to serve as City Police. The high level of training of military police troops allowed to perform in many different activities, which range from maintaining order in the Units, Units and Facilities, custody of prisoners of war; functions Preventive Police and Judicial Control civil disturbances, etc., efficiency of the troops of the Special Body is palpable in any large military unit or installation where there is this personal, as on his shoulders rests the security and confidence of the elements that work to work uninterrupted.

The Armed Forces as a whole is governed by the highest precepts of duty and discipline, never leaving aside the laws that emanate from the Constitution of the United Mexican States, respecting individual guarantees for the protection of the Rights Humans, being the country's policy of peace, relief, harmony and non-intervention outside the national territory, even more important in the states of the Mexican State.

The Organic Law of the Mexican Army and Air Force in its Title I, General Missions, Chapter One, Article 1 / o., Paragraph II: Ensuring internal security and Paragraph III: Assistant to the civilian population in cases of public needs. The services are the various specialized groups are intended and designed to meet the necessities of life and operation of controls and its auxiliary and combat forces by carrying out all sorts of administrative tasks, each according to his specialty, the Military Police is vested in the classification and general administrative services are responsible for carrying out administrative activities other than logistical.

The overall mission of the Military Police is to assist the territorial command of Major Units [Grandes Unidades] or Installations and Units, in the monitoring and enforcement of the provisions related to security, discipline and order, by action of the Police Military takes over from the other troops of the performance of services of weapons used for the purposes given above, allowing them to fully engage their combat missions or service. The military police acting on behalf of the command who takes orders for the performance of their duties in the field, mainly for security-related issues in the area with the order and discipline.

All military personnel of any rank, position or commission with any traveling or working in a given area must be informed promptly, using the Military Police of the provisions in force for such issues in this area so as not to incur any wrongdoing by ignorance. All Major Units must have the Military Police Service multipurpose or general application with respect to their powers, functions, responsibilities and functions.

The training of the military police in peacetime, is aimed directly at his specialty, to perform their activities among others are: the control of civil disturbances since they are equipped with military police units with adequate equipment and vehicles cope with such situations. Support from the Military Police is a valuable aid campaign highlighting: Traffic checkpoints at crossings of roads, junctions, crossing points and forced fleets; Surveillance vehicle patrols and highway safety; Rondines patrols, surveillance and security headquarters, service areas and similar places; Escorts prisoners of war and criminals; Posts patrols of the activities of the civilian population; Where appropriate, research groups of crimes committed by military or civilian.

Military Police Service also has a campaign office in organizing, administering and monitoring the camps and prisons of prisoners of war also manage the personnel aspects and issues in their individual and collective. In performing these functions, the Military Police Service is assisted by the other military services, each in the areas of competence.

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