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Royal Malaysian Navy - Exclusive Economic Zone

The original Task of the Malayan Naval Force at the time of his birth in 1948 was to monitor the coastal waters of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore "and help the public against communist insurjensi along the river. This task is increasing in line with the development of the Malayan Naval Force to Royal Malay's Navy.When the country of birth dramatically the Royal Malaysian Navy has inherited the coastal waters over about 4,000 nautical miles and more than 1000 Islands contained in it to have been from any form of aggression.

In the Decade of the 80 's this task increased again due to the Declaration of the exclusive economic zone (ZEE) on 25th April 1980 based on the ' new map Boundary Waters and continental shelf 1979 '. The Declaration has brought implications expand kawasasan waters that must be monitored by the Royal Malaysian Navy. If objectively it's more spacious than terrestrial land area of 208225 square miles, compared with 127317 square miles. The Declaration was made in a unilateral option causes the neighboring countries countries.

Also dispute the Other keabsahan the border claimed they also can claim exclusive economic Zone area of unilateralpass the boundary claimed by Malaysia. temperature decrease cause overlapping claim area terwujudnya. This claim can be settled either by negotiation or violence. Notwithstanding that the Royal Malaysian Navy will play an important role helping to resolve the problems, as well as to enforce the law in an area claimed.

Although malaysia is a maritime country but has yet to present a National Maritime policies to reconcile the various maritime activities, such as the movement of all national resources traded through the sea, and exploitation of the resources of the maritime surnber (both are considered as a user), as well as for asset sernua MOBILIS ation was commissioned to enforce maritime law (classified as task force). Without a national policy to be a valid humanitarian agencies in the discharge of their activities on an individual basis without interaction.

However, with the establishment of the Coordination Centre Maritime kuasaan Amplifier (PPPM) at least coordination to make among the law enforcement agencies. As a maritime country, the sea is important for Malaysia. The country must determine its importance. This includes determining the management of peace, cleanliness, and coordination of economic activities so that exploitation of resources is carried out in a systematic manner, matching avoid running out before they fall, as well as the replacement of the natural materials were used. The Royal Malaysian Navy played a significant role in maritime management because it is the party in power, especially in the maritime Exclusive Economic Zone. Other agencies coordinated by the Maritime Enforcement Coordination Centre is operating in the waters of the province only, but the operations of the Royal Malaysian Navy reach out to 200 nautical miles away from the beach. Although the Royal Malaysian air force also make maritime surveillance Zone dj Exclusive but Ekonorni Royal Malaysian Navy are on site all the time.

Maritime Security is now more important as economic results arising thereof. Economic development and determine the performance kekukuhannya is a national interest (national interest).Any activity that could threaten the strength of the economy can be regarded as betray national interests and actions must be taken to prevent it vociferously. The importance of maritime defence and strategy of economic ekploitasi cannot be underestimated. Steps to be taken by the Government is determine to regional waters and the exclusive economic zone always intact and secured. A large part of this task is carried out by the Royal Malaysian Navy as message from the Chief of the Navy Admiral Dato ' Mohd Zain bin Mohd Salleh in conjunction with Royal Malaysian Navy at lhb Jul 1978. He argued about the changes. the task of the Royal Malaysian Navy from coastal Navy (Coastal Navy) naval Navy (Blue-Water Navy). The announcement was in line with the recommendations of the Declaration of the exclusive economic zone in 1980.

All economic activities developed in the maritime area also requires the development of Royal Malaysian Navy who is in line to determine all this activity. So if the premium is invested in prospecting work was also down due to more severe provisions allocated to the Royal Malaysian Navy to develop its assets in order to protect oil rigs. By comparison a castle that towers need strong fence and sophisticated surveillance to protect them from hijacked.

As a first step to meet the needs of the Royal Malaysian Navy has a number of ships that operate in the maritime and also specify waters (especially the route in and out of the port) is free from the threat of region. They are the Government and the ship's logistics providers (MultiPurpose Command and Supply Ship-MPCSS), Korvet, Naval patrol vessel (Offshore Patrol Vessel-OPV) and Broom Twists (Mine Counter Present Vessel - MCMV). The next attempt to add and memperkemas asset officer supervision will be implemented according to the needs during the course.

The Strait of Malacca, the communication lines connecting the Indian Ocean with the South China Sea is increasingly important not only in terms of defense strategy even in economic development of the country. It is crossed by the waters of the kapalkapal war and merchant ships. Maximum width of the Strait was 20 nautical miles in length and 500 nautical miles. la may shorten a trip over the space when compared to the other Strait connecting the two-two the stated destination. In the 1970s Decade of 37,000 ships have gone through this Channel. For lots of 80s recorded records until the year 1988 shows the number of up to 70,000 vessels. Most of these ships stop at Penang port and Port Klang to unload and fill imports-exports. Pertambaban is also indirectly increased the problems that exists as the oil turnpahan, breach and criminal piracy. The Royal Malaysian Navy plays a role in determining the problem could be contained if not be deleted at all.

In addition to the task of monitoring the Royal Malaysian Navy is also involved in research and hydrographic survey of Oceanography. Nautical charts for use in the ship needs to be updated and the Royal Malaysian Navy is the national organization that authorities in the Affairs of the hydrographic measurements. This responsibility has been assumed by the Royal Malaysian Navy since 1972 tabun. Ocean hydrographic survey activities carried out by the two ships of the Royal Hydrographic PA, PEARLS and KD PERANTAU ". Other than measurement alone, Hydrographic Department of the Royal Malaysian Navy is also cooperating with neighboring countries and sababat to meet the needs of the regional hydrographic. These countries include Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. Declaration of Eksldusif economic zone waters cause greater responsibility. The area add to the burden of Hydrographic Department in order to make the measurement and research of Oceanography. Although the assets owned by the Royal Malaysian Navy limited the number and capability, but it is implemented as best as can be for the sake of complete trust. There is no denying the event number of hydrographic ship added commensurate with the job, of course everything more quickly sudab emerged.

Development of Malaysia is among the fastest in Southeast Asia. As prove ambition makes a country's participation in the maritime shipping sector have been enhanced. These ideals will come true in full once thought people direvolusikan to be aware that a variety of economic activities can be carried out at sea and returns are lucrative. Because of the word ' maritime ' has the connotation of the economy, the Declaration of the exclusive economic zone is timely because the cause of the nation's largest economy now comes from the sea. Melupat double the activity in the industrial sector, international shipping, deep-sea fishing and petroleum and gas exploitation was among the evidence of economic activities involving the sea. In addition to exploration for minerals on the seabed will also be done. In addition to naval activities, involving activities such as community beriadab in the shoreline can also foster people's thinking to more berjinak and loved the sea.

On 29th April 1958 and the International Conference on the continental shelf were under way in Geneva. The Conference, known as the 1958 Convention on the Continental ShelfIt has given birth to the concept of the exclusive economic zone. Malaysia adopt this concept in 1980 having reviewed the requirements to do so in order to govern all activities in waters it. Earlier research has made about the country's ability to protect and defend the rights and sovereignty of contained therein. Indeed, the Declaration would be useless without the ability to protect the area claimed. At this time the surveillance in the exclusive economic zone run by the Royal Malaysian Navy together with the Royal Malaysian air force.

Maritime Enforcement Coordination Centre was established in March 1984 and it ist the place under the jurisdiction of the National Security Council (NSC), Prime Minister's Department. Its establishment is necessary to coordinate the activities the Government agencies and the private sector for a specific tasks conducted in the waters of the exclusive economic Zone and region. However Maritime Enforcement Coordination Center is not involved with the research work at sea. Between enforcement agencies coordinated by the Maritime Enforcement Coordination Center was the Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Malaysian air force, the Royal Malaysian police, the Department of fisheries, Customs and Excise Department, the Marine Department and Petronas. Generally the responsibility of the Centre.

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