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Laksamana (Wadi M'ragh) class missile corvettes

Ordered in February 1981 for the Iraqi Navy and fell foul of UN sanctions before they could either be paid for or delivered. Subsequently completed in 1988 and maintenance by Fincantieri. Two near sister Ships were paid by iraq and remained laid up in Italian ports. Contract was signed on 26 October 1995, and confirmed on 26 july 1996, to transfer two of the class to the Malaysian Navy after refit at Muggiano and three months training in italy. Contract for two more signed on 20 february 1997 for conversion and delivery.

Modernisation includes Super Rapid 76 mm gun, datalink, new navigation radar and GPS fitted in 1996. Bridge wings were extended to the after gun deck. Contract signed with Alenia Marconi on 11 April 2002 to upgrade command systems of F 134 and F 135 to IPN-S.

First pair arrived in Malaysia in September 1997. Second pair delayed by payment problems but arrived in September 1999. Constitute 24th Corvette Squadron. This was an unusual purchase because of the lack of equipment commonality with the rest of the Fleet.

In 2015 the RMN has proposed to the Malaysian government a service life extension program (SLEP) for the four ships, which were commissioned between July 1997 and July 1999. The RMN was looking to replace the ships' surface-to-surface missile launchers, fire-control radar, machine guns, combat management system, electronic support measures, and integrated bridge and platform management systems. Also being considered for upgrade are the corvettes' 105 mm chaff launchers and identification friend-or-foe interrogator.

Number Name Year Notes
F134 Laksamana Hang Nadim 1987/97 Ex-KIA Walid
F135 Laksamana Tun Abdul Gamil 1987/97 Ex-SIA Wakkad
F136 Laksamana Muhammed Amin 1987/99 Ex-AIA Serh
F137 Laksamana Tan Pusmah 1987/99 Ex-SA Ayoobi

Builders Ficantieri, Breda, Mestre
Displacement, tons 705 full load
Dimensions, feet (meters) 204.4 x 8
(62.3 x 9.3 x 2.5)
Main Machinery 4 MTU 20V 956 TB92 diesels;
20,120 hp(m) (14.8 MW) sustained;
4 Shafts
Speed, Knots 36.
Range, n Miles 2300 at 18 kt
Complement 47
Decoys 2 Breda 105mm 6-tubed multipurpose Launchers; Chaff to 5km (2.7 n miles); illuminants to 12km (6.6 n miles)
ESM Selenia INS-3; intercept.
ECM Selenia TQN-2; jammer.
Combat Data Systems Alenia IPN-S (134, 135); Signaal/ AESN Link Y Mk2.
Weapons Control 2 Selenia NA 21; Dardo.
Radars Air/surface search; Selenia RAN 12L/X; D/I-band;
range 82km (45 n miles)
Navigation Kelvin Hughes 1007; I-band
Fire control 2 Selenia RTN 10X; I/J-band;
1 selenia RTN 20X; I/J-band.
Sonars Atlas Electronic ASO 84-41; hull-mounted;
active search and attack.
Structure NBC citadel and full air conditioning fitted.
Armament 6 Otomat II SSM,
4-cell Albatros SAM (12 Aspide missiles),
1 76 mm OTO DP,
1 dual 40 mm AA,
6 12.75 inch torpedo tubes

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