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Kasturi class (FS1500 Type) light frigates

The first two ordered in February 1981. Fabrication began early 1982. Rated as Corvettes even though they are bigger ships than Rahmat. Plans to fit telescopic hangars have been shelved. Mid-life update planned to include CIWS, and torpedo tubes vice the obsolete ASW mortar. Sewaco combat data system upgraded in 1997-98. Exocet upgraded to MM 40 2001-02. They are near sisters to the Colombian ships with differing armament. Kasturi is the trials ship for ‘smart ship’ reduced manning. Form 22nd Corvette Squadron.

Number NameYearNotes
25 Kasturi1984
26 Lekir1984

No Penant 25
Builders Howaldtswerke, Kiel
Laid down 3 Jan 1983
Launched 14 May 1983
Commissioned 15 Aug 1984
Displacement, tons 1500 standard,
1850 full load
Dimensions, feet (metres) 319.1 x 37.1 x 11.5
(97.3 x 11.3 x 3.5)
Main machinery 4 MTU 20V 1163 TB92 diesels,
23400 hp(m)(17.2 MW)
sustained, 2 shafts
Speed, knots 28, 18 on 2 diesels
Range, n miles 3000 at 18 kt, 5000 at 14 kt
Complement 124 (13 officers)
Decoys 2 CSEE Dagaie trainable systems, replaceable containers for IR or chaff.
ESM Rapids.
ECM MEL Scimitar, jammer.
Combat data systems Signaal Sewaco-MA. Link Y Mk 2.
Weapons control 2 Signaal LIOD optronic directors for gunnery.
Air/surface search Signaal DA08, F-band, range 204 km (110 n mles) for 2 m2 target.
Navigation Kelvin Hughes 1007, I-band.
Fire control Signaal WM22, I/J-band.
IFF US Mk 10.
Sonars Atlas Elektronik DSQS-21C, hull-mounted, active search and attack, medium frequency.
Armament 4 MM38 Exocet SSM,
1 100mm/55 DP,
1 57mm/70 DP,
2 dual 30 mm AA,
1 375 mm ASW RL
Helicopters Platform for 1 medium.

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