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Air Base Unit Squadron Aircraft Callsign
Kanoya Fleet Air Wing 1 Fleet Squadron 1   SLUGGER
Fleet Squadron 7   OMEGA
Air Station Kanoya   KING STAR
Hachinohe Fleet Air Wing 2 Fleet Squadron 2   POSEIDON
Fleet Squadron 4   BLACKY
Air Station Hachinohe   HOLLY STAR
Atsugi Fleet Air Wing 4 Fleet Squadron 3   NEPTUNE
Fleet Squadron 6   LUCIFER
Air Station Atsugi   ANGEL STAR
Air Station Iwojima   ISLAND STAR
Fleet Air Force Fleet Squadron 51 Fixed Wing PEACOCK
Rotary Wing MIGHTY
Fleet Squadron 61   CARAVAN
Naha Fleet Air Wing 5 Fleet Squadron 5   PEGASUS
Fleet Squadron 9   SEASAR
Tateyama Fleet Air Wing 21 Fleet Squadron 101   HOBBY
Fleet Squadron 121   SCRAY
Fleet Squadron 123   OSPREY
Omura Fleet Air Wing 22 Fleet Squadron 122   SNIPER
Fleet Squadron 124   GUNNET
Air Station Omura   BONNY
Iwakuni Fleet Air Wing 31 Fleet Squadron 71   IVORY
Fleet Squadron 81   VIOLET
Fleet Air Force Fleet Squadron 111   GRIFFIN
Shimofusa Air Training Group Shimofusa Air Training Squadron 203   ATLAS
Air Training Squadron 205   TOMBOY
Air Station Shimofusa   SHINY STAR
Tokushima Air Training Group Tokushima Air Training Squadron 202 TC-90 KING
Air Station Tokushima   TOP STAR
Ozuki Air Training Group Ozuki Air Training Squadron 201   ROOKIE
Air Station Ozuki   OCEAN STAR
-- -- -- LC-90 TERCEL

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