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Unit Insignia - Japan Ground Self Defence Force

The insinia of Ground Self-Defense Force are attached to the right arm of the uniform.
The Insinia, as in the upper figure from the sign, the party kind sign and group name sign such as army division is formed.

As for sign such as army division, there are 23 types including the Ground Staff Office.

Party kind sign
Party kind sign Such as section party Color
Red General course or this and such as the similar unit
It is dense yellow Artillery or this and such as similar unit
Orange Armor or this and such as similar unit
Shrimp brown Facility course or this and such as similar unit
Green Weapon course or this and such as similar unit
It is dense green Hygienic course or this and such as similar unit
, Z Aeronautical course or this and such as similar unit
Blue Communication course or this and such as similar unit
Brown Quartermaster Corps or this and such as similar unit
Purple Transport course or this and such as similar unit
Indigo Such as unit other than describing
Concerning indicatory color, being to be times when it differs depending upon the equipment acknowledgement.

The group name sign (this is attached in order of each number.)
* That crown name number is marked crown name (Sergeant education party such as the regiment which possesses number is included) concerning.
(The example 36th general course regiment: 36)
* The sign in the next chart is attached concerning the unit and the like which is put out next.
Such as identification unit Group name sign
Direction general section, army division command and brigade command, mixed group headquarters and Airborne Brigade headquarters H
Chemical protection party C
Military police P
Accounting party F
Band B
Anti-aircraft artillery group, artillery regiment (overhead fire) and anti-aircraft artillery group A
Logistics regiment and logistics party L
Training Brigade, education regiment and education batallion T
Ground Self-Defense Force airborne education party AB
Ground Self-Defense Force staff school SC
Ground Self-Defense Force officer candidate school O
Ground Self-Defense Force Fuji school F
Ground Self-Defense Force anti-aircraft school A
Ground Self-Defense Force Kodaira school KS
Ground Self-Defense Force chemical school C
Ground Self-Defense Force boy engineering department school YT
The Self Defense Force physical education school PT
Ground Self-Defense Force supply control headquarters GMC
Research headquarters GRD
The Tsushima guard ASF
* Furthermore, as for the group the G, as for the school S, as for the depot the D, as for the hospital the H is attached.

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