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Services - Japan Ground Self Defence Force

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Service Function of service
General course As a frame work unit of terrestrial battle, it possesses mobility, the thermal power and close combat ability and it carries out the important role which acquires conclusion to maneuvers battle. It can overcome any topography, it can act freely without in addition being influenced by weather and time and the place et cetera.
Armor There is a tank unit and a reconnaissance unit. The tank unit, shows armored protection power, the accurate thermal power and the mobility which is superior, overwhelms defeats the enemy with fierce bold close combat. The reconnaissance unit acts lightly, acquires information with the communication, reconnaissance and supervisory ability to be superior.
Artillery Field artillery
Anti-aircraft artillery
There is a field artillery unit and an anti-aircraft artillery unit. The field artillery unit concentrating the mass thermal power on everywhere on occasion as a thermal power combatant, wide area subdues area. The anti-aircraft artillery unit as the anti-aircraft combatant as reaching shooting which is effective to brief is done vis-a-vis the aircraft and the like does quick and organizational anti-aircraft information activity over wide scope.
Aeronautical course As aeronautical thermal power battle is done with antitank helicopter party, airmobile operations of air reconnaissance and the unit, executing the transport and direction communication et cetera of the goods with various helicopters, and the like it supports the terrestrial unit widely.
Facility course As you work the constitution * processing of obstacle, construction, river crossing, traffic and construction of the position with the self-propelled pontoon bridge and various facility equipment of the dozer and the like, it replenishes the facility equipment and it services et cetera.
Communication course As you take charge of the principal section of guaranty of communication for direction communication between unit, constitution and electronic warfare of data automatic processing organization, with various communications electronics equipment photographing processing of the photograph * movie and replenishment * service et cetera of the communication equipment are done.
Weapon course The firearm, the vehicle and the induction weapon, replenishment * service of the ammunition and processing and the like of the dud et cetera are done.
Quartermaster Corps The food, the fuel and the supplies (the supplies equipment and the clothing) replenishment, service and collection and the water supply * bath time * laundry et cetera are done.
Transport course The large-sized vehicle and the like (the 40t trailer is included.) As the unit, the tank, the heavy weapons and various stores are transported with, control, terminal business and road use regulation et cetera of transport are done.
Department of Chemistry As you reconnoiter the area which was polluted with the poisonous filling and the radioactive substance et cetera with various chemical equipment such as chemical protection car and decontamination car you decontaminate area and the staff * equipment et cetera which were polluted, smoking * anti- incendiary and the like is done.
Police/policing duty course It contributes to the maintenance of circles order such as guard, traffic control of the road, prevention and criminal investigation of breach of discipline of the soldier.
Accounting course Accountancy such as budget, fund, allowance and supply is done.
Hygienic course Replenishment * service and the like of remedy of the patient and evacuation to the medical treatment facility, health care of the unit and quarantine furthermore the hygienic equipment et cetera is done.
Music course Fighting spirit of the soldier is uplifted via music performance. In addition, it helps the police/policing duty course unit.

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