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8th Army Division Camps

Stationing place name Postal code Address
Health troop 862-8710 Kumamoto prefecture Kumamoto city east town 1-1-1
North Kumamoto 860-8529 City eight scene Mizutani Kumamoto 2-17-1
Kumamoto 862-0902 Main town of Kumamoto city east 15-1
Miyakonojo 885-0086 Miyazaki prefecture Miyakonojo city Kubo Haramachi 1 block 12
Shrimp 889-4314 Miyazaki prefecture Ebinoshi Oaza big river flat 4455-1
Kokube 899-4392 The Kagoshima prefecture Kokube city Fukushima 2-4-14
Kawauchi 895-0053 The Kagoshima prefecture Kawauchi city cold water town upper floor 539-2
High playing field 861-2204 Kotani Cho Oaza Gun Mashiki prefecture Kamimashiki Kumamoto 1812

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