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5th Army Division Camps

Stationing place name Postal code Address
Obihiro 080-8639 The Hokkaido Obihiro city south town south 7 line 31
Kushiro 088-0604 Preservation 112 of the classified by Hokkaido Kushiro Gun Kushiro Cho letter
Bihoro 092-8501 Cho letter Tanaka the Hokkaido Abashiri Gun Bihoro
Shikaoi 081-0294 The Hokkaido Kawa Higashi Gun Shikaoi Cho bamboo grass Kawakita 12 line 10
Bekkai 088-2593 The Hokkaido field attaching Gun Bekkai Cho classified by Nishiharu 42-1
Ashoro 089-3725 Hokkaido Ashoro Gun Ashoro Cho letter peace 173
Hidaka 079-2314 The Hokkaido sands style Gun Hidaka Cho letter thousand glory 75
Shibetsu 086-1616 The Hokkaido Shibetsu Gun Shibetsu Cho letter Shibetsu 1326-7

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