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4th Army Division Camps

Stationing place name Postal code Address
Fukuoka 816-8666 Fukuoka prefecture Kasuga city Yamato Cho 5-12
Kasuga 816-0824 Ogura city Oaza the Fukuoka prefecture Kasuga 173-2
Ogori 838-0193 The Fukuoka prefecture Ogori city Ogori 2277
Maekawa field 839-8505 Town 2728 of the Fukuoka prefecture Kurume city high it is good inside
Eye field 842-0032 Saga prefecture God åY¼ Gun Mitagawa Cho Oaza stand field 7
Ainoura 858-8555 Nagasaki prefecture Sasebo city Ogata Cho 678
Kusu 879-4498 Considerably prefectural Kusu Gun Kusu Cho Oaza sail foot 2494
Ogura 802-8567 The Fukuoka prefecture Kitakyushu city Kokura Minami Ku north 5-1-1
Kurume 839-0863 Fukuoka prefecture Kurume city-state amount town 100
Omura 856-8516 Nagasaki prefecture Omura city west dry Baba Cho 416
Takematsu 856-0806 Field of Nagasaki prefecture Omura city wealth 1-1000
Beppu 874-0833 Considerably prefectural Beppu city Oaza Tsurumi 4548-143
Yufuin 879-5102 The prefecture considerably considerably Gun Yufuin Cho Oaza Kawakami 941
Izuka 820-8607 The Fukuoka prefecture Izuka city Oaza Tsushima 282
Tsushima 817-0005 Prefectural Gun Tsushima Cho 棧 field 38 under Nagasaki prefecture
Wealth field 802-0036 The Kitakyushu city Kokura Kita Ku Oaza shrine field national non address
Castle field 802-0062 Kitakyushu city Kokura Kita Ku one field new town 3-1-1
South Beppu 874-0828 Considerably prefectural Beppu city Oaza Beppu 3088-24
Tosu 841-0072 Saga prefecture Tosu Ichimura rice field town 1089-1
Considerably 870-1121 The prefecture considerably considerably city Oaza é´> field 129

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