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1st Mixed Group Camps

Stationing place name Postal code Address
Naha 901-0192 Okinawa prefecture Naha city mirror water 679
Shirakawa 904-2144 Okinawa city letter Shirakawa 119
Katsuren 904-2313 Between companion house field 2530 inside Okinawa prefecture Nakagami Gun Katsuren Cho letter
Chinen 901-1513 Okinawa prefecture Shimajiri Gun Chinen village letter Chinen 1177-2
Giving seat 901-0496 Okinawa prefecture Shimajiri Gun Kochinda Cho letter wealth heaping 2608
South giving seat 901-0514 The Okinawa prefecture Shimajiri Gun Gushikami village letter it is cheap village 569

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