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11th Army Division Camps

Stationing place name Postal code Address
Sapporo 064-8510 The Hokkaido Sapporo city Chuo Ku south 26 provision west 10
Makunai 005-8543 Makunai the Hokkaido Sapporo city Minami Ku 17
Takigawa 073-8510 Hokkaido Takigawa city spring town 236
Kutsuchan 044-0076 The Hokkaido Abuta Gun Kutsuchan Cho letter Takasago 232-2
Hakodate 042-8567 Hokkaido Hakodate city Hirono Cho 6th 18
Hill ç  007-8503 Hokkaido Sapporo city east Ku hill ç  town 161
Iwamizawa 068-0822 The Hokkaido Iwamizawa city sunrise stand 4-313
Toyohira 062-8610 The Hokkaido Sapporo city Toyohira Ku flat bank 1 provision 12 Chome 1
Bibai 072-0821 The Hokkaido Bibai city letter Bibai 1536-1
Seedling head 065-0043 Hokkaido Sapporo city east Ku seedling head town 7-1-1

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