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Soltam Systems Ltd.

    PO Box 13

Soltam Ltd, of Haifa Israel, offers a full range of modern artillery pieces and associated equipment, including mortars and mortar ammunition and 155 mm gun/howitzers and ammunition, notably the M-68/-71 155mm and M-839P/-845P 155mm guns.

Soltam Systems primary and foremost activity is the design, development and manufacture of modern highly accurate and effective firing systems. Soltam produces 155mm guns/howitzers in 33, 39, 45 and 52 caliber tube length, achieving ranges of up to 41,000 m. The systems use all standard NATO ammunition.

The Artillery systems are equipped with fire control computer, muzzle velocity radar (MVR), inertial navigation and target acquisition systems. Soltam provides the customer with training at all levels. In order to meet customer requirements. Soltam artillery systems offer self propelled truck mounted, towed or independently propelled by an auxiliary power unit (APU) for self maneuvering.

Upgrading existing artillery for customers around the world is one of the main fields of activity, in which Soltam specializes. This activity results in improving existing artillery systems, enhancing their performance and capabilities, in order to meet modern battlefield requirements.

Soltam Systems has the know-how and expertise in upgrading existing artillery systems, such as United States made M114, Russian made 130mm M46, 152mm M85, etc..

In 2000 Soltam Systems Ltd. won a $47.5 million contract to upgrade 180 artillery pieces of the Indian Army following a tender process which lasted six years and involved competition from French, Swedish, Czech an South African companies. The project is expected to be completed in two years and will be done in Israel. A decision on an option for the upgrading of an additional 220-250 artillery pieces will be made by Indian officials later. According to the contract, Soltam will upgrade Russian-made M-46 130 mm field artillery pieces into 155 mm guns similar to the ones used by the Israel Defense Forces. The changes to the pieces involve the replacing of the gun tubes and the firing mechanisms. The upgraded guns will have six-meter tubes and ranges of up to 39 kilometers. The Indian Army tender was delayed because of variations in the concepts presented to the Indian Defense Ministry by competing companies. Only Soltam offered to retain the original structure of the artillery pieces. India is one of the largest users of 130 mm artillery in the world and it was agreed that if the option for further upgrades is implemented, Soltam will cooperate with local Indian industry in the upgrades and transfer know-how for the building of gun-tubes there.

Soltam designs and manufactures a wide range of mortars, to suit a variety of military applications. With calibers 60, 81, 120 and 160mm, Soltam supplies a variety of mortars, in a variety of configurations, such as backpacked, under turret, towed and self propelled recoiling mortars on wheeled or tracked vehicles. All mortars are simple to operate and fast in deployment. Soltam mortars are made of high quality alloy steel for extra toughness and stability. Soltam Systems offers mortar systems with all auxiliary equipment necessary for field operation, including fire control computer, ballistic computer, INS, and target acquisition and location systems. All types of mortar ammunition in use worldwide are authorized to be used with Soltam mortars.

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