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Israel began developing the Shafrir air to air missile in 1959 in cooperation with Rafael. The development process went through several delays and the initial test of the missile in 1963 was a disappointment. Initial results indicated that only 21 percent of targets were destroyed without a proximity fuse. With the addition of the proximity fuse, the percentage of targets destroyed went up to 47. Although the poor test results convinced the Israeli Air Force not to deploy the missile, the development process laid the foundation for the development of the Shafrir 2.

The Shafrir 2 missile was also designed by Israeli Military Industries sub-contracter Rafael and it incorporated the lessons learned from the problems with the original design. The Shafrir 2 incorporated the homing head and electro-optic proximity fuse from the Shafrir 1, and the new design was credited with 106 enemy targets destroyed. The Shafrir 2 design was comparable to the American AIM-9D missile, which was in production shortly before development of the Shafrir 2 was completed.

Manafacturer RAFA'EL Armament Development Authority
Range 5 km
Guidance IR homing
Warhead 11 kg
Launch Weight 93 kg
Length 250 cm
Fin Span 55 cm

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