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3235'N 3513'E

Megiddo, consisting of a single runway 2350 meters long, first opened in 1942 and served as an auxiliary field to Ramat David. This light aircraft and helicopter foward operating base is currently home to a gliding club, a detachment from Unit 505 and some agricultural aircraft.

Megido is in the Jezreel Valley, in the north of Israel, which due to its strategic place saw many battles. In 1918 it was the place of a decisive battle between the British and the Ottomans, and General Alenby won the title "Lord of Megido".

Megiddo is an ancient city built atop a tel or hill, pronounced har in Hebrew. Hence the name Har Megiddo - Armageddon, where the Bible says the final battle will be waged and Christ will return to smite his enemies.

Imagery of the Meggido Airfield
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August 6 1970

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