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MAR-240 (Sherman Chassis)

The Sherman was used by the IDF as a multi-purpose platform carrier. Among others, it mounted a launcher for 240mm rockets, similar to those fired by the famous Soviet "Katyusha". The MAR-240 (Lit; Medium Artillery Rocket) featured a side-loading launcher frame for 36x240mm rockets in place of the turret. Elevation and transverse movement of the laucher was controlled by a hydraulic system manufactured by the Israeli Military Industries (IMI).

It fired Israeli made copies of the Soviet rockets used by the BM-24 multiple launch rocket system. Israel developed its version of the Katyusha from the Soviet BM-24 Katyushas captured from the Arabs during the Six Day War (1967). Israel used captured Katyushas in two battalions during the Yom Kippur War (1973) and the 1982 Lebanon War, and later developed the MAR-240 launcher for the same rockets, based on a Sherman tank chassis. It apparently never reached mass production. The vehicle was recently discontinued in the IDF.

Ammunition storage 36x240mm
Vehicle Weight 29 tons
Engine 460 hp

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