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Magic Spear

The state-owned IMI and Israel Aerospace Industries have been developing several long-range rockets, or those that could travel between 100 and 250 kilometers. IAI has developed LORA, said to have a range of 200 kilometers, while IMI has unveiled the latest product, "Kidon Kosum", in English "Magic Spear." IMI oversaw a successful test of Magic Spear in the desert in southern Israel.

The LORA has a range of 300km and CEP of less than 10m. "This was very accurate and affordable to militaries as opposed to missiles," Israel Military Industries chairman Avner Raz said. IMI executives said the financially-ailing company has been briefing foreign militaries on Magic Spear. They said IMI, despite Raz's presentation, was not initially authorized to provide details of the rocket.

Developed by Israel Military Industries, the 160 mm. rocket, called “Magic Spear,” is an autonomous surface-to-surface missile guided by a GPS system that, according to IMI, puts it within 10 meters of the target. The rocket, designed to destroy artillery batteries and infantry command posts, was successfully tested in the South.

The missile is fired from a new launcher developed by IMI called Lynx, which is designed to fire a variety of rockets – 160 mm., 122 mm. and 300 mm., which can reach ranges of up to 150 kilometers. The launcher is loaded on the back of a truck and can be reloaded in less than 10 minutes.

According to Dani Peretz, Vice-President for R&D and Business Development at IMI, the advanced technologies employed in the Magic Spear, transform weapons traditionally categorized as 'artillery rocket', exceeding the performance normally attributed to much more costly 'precision tactical missiles'.

The Magic Spear utilizes the mature and operationally proven pulser system, coupled with IMI's proven GPS Navigation and flight-controller, providing a highly reliable and versatile trajectory shaping, guidance and control system.

The Magic Spear is a new member of mature artillery rocket systems and solutions developed and fielded by IMI. Among the systems offered are the LAR-160 and Lynx mobile launchers, trajectory correction systems (TCS) for the MLRS, and the Extra guided rocket, designed for high precision operation at ranges of 20 and 150 km.

Israel Military Industries (IMI) is a diversified, high-technology company specializing in the development, manufacturing and deployment of a wide range of state-of-the-art combat- ready solutions. The company's main office is located in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

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