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General Staff

          Chief of the General Staff (MATKAL)(Lt General)- Kirya Base, Tel Aviv

                   Advisor to the Chief of Staff (Maj General)

                   Advisor to the Chief of Staff for Women's Affairs (Brig General)


          Deputy Chief of Staff (Major General)

                   Training and Doctrine Division (Brig General)

                   Research and Development Department (Maj General)

                   Chief Reserve Officer (Brig General)


          Human Resources Directorate (AKA)(Maj General)

                   OC Education and Youth Corps (GADNA)(Brig General)

                             IDF Radio Station

                             Youth Education Training Base

                             Mikve Ayeh Training Base[Hebrew language training for new

                                                                   Immigrant recruits]

                             Havat HaShumen Training Base [for soldiers with adaption


                             NAHAL Command

                                      908 Bn [Gdud Tironim/Recruit Training]-Hadera

                                      906 Bn [NAHAL Squad Leaders Course]

                                      NAHAL Women's Training Center (Mahane 80)- Hadera

                                       NAHAL Band

                   OC Military Police (Provost Marshal)(Brig General)

                                      MP HQ (Mekamtzar)- Tel Hashomer

                                      Law Enforcement Sector (Shitur)

                                                MP, General Staff HQ- Kirya

                                                Le'om Unit [Deserter & Evader catchers]

                                                Yamlat Unit [transfers prisoners between jails

                                                          And detention centers]

                                      Prison Service (Kli'a)

                                                Unit 100 [MP CT/Hostage unit]

                                                Detention Base 394- Tzifrin

                                                Detention Base 396- Atlit

                                      Criminal Investigation Division (Metzah)

                                      HQ, Maavarim [IDF checkpoint security examiners of

                                                          Palestinians at checkpoints]

                                      Military Police School (BAHAD 13)- Camp Motta Gur

                                      BAHAD 13- Camp Mota Gur

                                      Criminal Investigation Division

                                      Central Unit for Traffic Control

                   Co-ordinate with:

                             Military Courts of Appeal (Maj General)

                             OC Chaplain Corps (Brig General)


          Intelligence Directorate (AMAN)(Maj General)

                   Collection Department

                             Unit 8200 [SIGINT/EW/encryption]

                             Unit 504 [HUMINT]

                             Psagot Bn (Unit 5114)[conducts radio surveillance of terrorist

                                                                   Held zones]

                             Hatzvar Unit [collects open source intelligence]

                   IDF Information Security Unit [computer systems/signal/confidential

                                                                   Documents security]

                   External Relations Department [overseas military attaches]

                   Air Intelligence Sqdn

                   Naval Intelligence Department

                   OC Intelligence Corps (Brig General)

                             Intelligence School (BAHAD 15)- Glilot


          Operations Directorate (AMAZ)(Maj General)

                   Operations Division (Brig General)

                             Psychological Warfare Co.

                             General Staff Security Unit [VIP bodyguards]

                   IDF Spokesperson Division (Brig General)

                             Branches: Domestic Press Liason, Foreign Press, Public

                             Relations, Information Bureau, Media Monitoring Center,

                             Organization and Training, Initiatives and Planning, Think Tank,

                             Film and Video Unit and Photography Unit, Regional Represen-

                             Tatives (w/Regional Command HQ's)


          Plans and Policy Division (AGAT)(Brig General)

                   Planning Dept

                   Strategic Planning & External Relations Dept

                   Infrastructure & Organization Dept

                   Center for Systems Analysis


          Command, Control, Communications and Computer Directorate (Maj General)

                   Communication, Computerization & Technology Division (Brig General)

                             National Unit for Unformation Protection

                             MAMRAM [Central Unit for Data Processing]

                                      MAMKA Unit

                             TIBAM [computer modeling/gaming, aids in CT ops planning]

                             National Communications Bn

                             R & D Center- Reshon Letzion

                   Command and Operations Division (Brig General)

                             General Staff Communications Bn

                             EW Unit [Signal Corps electronic warfare unit]

                             Signal School (BAHAD 7)


          Commandant of the Military Colleges (Brig General)

                   National Defense College

                   Command and General Staff College- Glilot


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