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Displacement 420 Tons (Surface)
600 Tons (Submerged)
Dimensions Length: 147' 8" (45.0 M)
Beam: 15' 5" (4.7 M)
Draft: 12' 6" (3.8 M)
Propulsion 2 MTU 12V493 TY60 diesels - 1,200 bhp
AEG electric generators - 600 shp
1 Shaft
Performance Surface: 11 KTS
Submerged: 17 KTS
Combat Systems Missiles: Sub-Harpoon
Torpedo Tubes: 8 21" Mk 37
Radars: 1 Plessey I-band surface search
Sonars: 1 Atlas Elektronik, 1 EDO 1110 flank array
Fire Control: Atlas Elektronik TFCS
EW: Elbit TIMNEX 4CH Mk 1
EW: Rafael adaptive noise cancellation
Manning 22
Communications HF, VHF, HVHF, UHF, U.W.T Transceivers

General Characteristics:
Small sonar signature.
Shallow water operation.
Low periscopic depth.
Very low noise level signature.
Multi purpose torpedo tubes (torpedo, missile mines…)
Small Crew size (23).
Simple to operate.
Long submerge endurance.
Upgraded and backed by I.N Know-how.
Training and simulation facilities.
Manufactured by Vickers Ltd., Barrow U.K.

Overall Length 48.5M
Pressure Hull Length 32M
Pressure Hull Diameter 4.8M
Overall Height 8.8M

Surface Displacement 540 tons
Submerged Displacement 600 tons

Snorting Speed 9 knots (Max)
Surface Speed 11 knots (Max)
Submerged Speed 17 knots (Max)

Operational Ranges:
At 6 Knots SOA 2,500 N.M.
At 11 Knots SOA 1,800 N.M.

Indiscreation Rate:
At 6 Knots SOA 30%

80% discharge at max. speed 45 minutes
80% discharge at 3.5 knots 30 hours

Propulsion & Electric System:
1 Propeller
1 Propulsion Motor - 1320 kw at 290 rpm
· Double armature, electrical and mechanically separated
2 Diesel Generator Sets
· MTU 12V 493 AZ 80
· Output power - 405 kw each
3 Batteries Sets - 120 cells each

Damage Control:
Fire Extinguishing System
Hydrazine System for Emergency Surfacing

Weapon Systems:
Weapon Control Systems
8 Multi purpose Tubes (21 inch)
Swim-out torpedoes
Space for 2 reloads weapon

Atlas Electronic C.S.U - 3 - Passive Panoramic Sonar
Atlas Electronic IC-80 - Intercept Sonar

Kelvin 1006 I Band Radar
Magnavox Submarine Type - SatNav System
G.P.S Receiver
Litef PL - 41 Platform
Backup Anschuts 6 Gyro
EM log

HF, VHF, HVHF, UHF & U.W.T Transceivers.

Kollmorgen Type 901-
Double Ocular Attack Periscope Locally Operated
Kollmorgen Type 902-
Double Ocular Search Periscope (Optic, Video Etc.)

Entire vessel is air-conditioned.
Captain, officers and crew separate quarters.
Fully equipped galley, cooking and refrigeration.
Wash-basin and toilets.

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