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Athos 2000

The Soltam Systems' state-of-the-art Autonomous Towed Howitzer ATHOS 2052 is a long range 155mm 52 cal. Gun, achieving a max. range of 41 km. The ATHOS 2052 utilizes self maneuvering capability and automatic laying mode. Integrated with fully computerized systems, achieving automatic control, accurate navigation and target acquisition, the system is offered with various gun calibers, to meet customer requirements, including all peripheral equipment.

The ATHOS 2052 is mounted on a towed carriage, which enables towing the gun to the battlefield. Once in the battlefield, the ATHOS 2052 can maneuver itself using its own diesel engine and special hydraulic driven wheels. The hydraulic system enables easy deployment of the gun, using hydraulic jacks and auxiliary wheels. It needs a crew of 4 to 6 to fully manage this gun. Within minutes, the ATHOS 2052 can autonomously move out of one position and deploy itself in an alternative position a few hundred meters away.

The ATHOS 2052 is a fully autonomous gun. Using inertial navigation and aiming systems, including GPS and onboard firing computer, this gun can receive digital radio target data directly fro the FO or target acquisition system and prepare itself for firing. Aiming gears can be slaved to the computer, so automatic laying mode can be achieved. The ATHOS gun uses all standard NATO and other available qualified 155mm ammunition and reaches a range of 41km using ERFB/BB projectiles with charge 11 or modular charge. Two 12 V batteries are incorporated and charged when the gun is towed or by its own engine. These batteries give all the electric power necessary for the various electronic devices, also enabling the use of an electro hydraulic pump for silent operation. To ease the crew's tasks and enhance gun's performance, the ATHOS 2052 is equipped with ammunition loader assist. No physical force is necessary for the deployment of this gun.

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