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Derby / Alto

Rafael's Derby is a fully developed Beyond Visual Range (BVR) air-to-air missile. The missile offers excellent performance and maneuverability in both medium and short range engagements. The missile is also offered in an air defense configuration. Variously known as Alto or Derby, this Israeli active radar-guided air-to-air missile (AAM) is a collaborative effort between Rafael, the state's armament development agency, and Israel Aircraft Industries MBT. Officially acknowledged in 1998, the project has been underway for at least a decade.

This medium-range weapon, with a maximum effective engagement envelope of about 50 km, may have already entered service with the Israeli Air Force. Israel is marketing a variant of the missile for export, with offers to the Philippines and India, while South Korea and China also be potential customers.

The Derby is an active radar air-to-air missile that provides fighter aircraft with outstanding and effective performance in both short ranges and Beyond Visual Range (BVR) intercepts. The missile enables operational flexibility and multi-shot capability. It can be launched at an enemy aircraft day or night and in all weather conditions. The Derby missile incorporates look-down/shoot-down capability, sophisticated fire and forget mode and an advanced ECCM tailored to the customer's operational requirements.

Derby's light weight allows it to be adapted to various modern fighter aircraft, including light aircraft, such as F-5, Mirage and F-16.

  • All weather operation
  • Effective performance for both short and Beyond Visual Range (BVR) intercepts
  • Lightweight
  • High agility
  • Dual use missile (air-to-air and surface-to-air)
Together the Derby and Python-5 offer superior war fighting capability that ensures outstanding air superiority for the 21st century. The Derby complemented with the Python-5 full sphere missile is used as an interceptor in the Spyder short and medium range air defense systems. Both Spyder systems are designed to engage and destroy a wide spectrum of threats, such as attack aircraft, bombers, cruise missiles, UAVs and UCAVs and stand-off weapons.

ManafacturerRAFA'EL Armament Development Authority
Date Deployed  
Range50 km 
Guidanceactive radar 
Launch Weight 118 kg 260.1 lb
Length3.8 meters362 cm 142.5 in
Diameter0.15 meters16 cm 6 in
Fin Span0.5 meters64 cm 25.2 in

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